The College Network / fraud, liars

TN, United States

im just finding out that this is a scam.i called them the other day to withdraw from the courses but little did i know that u cant.well u can stop doing them but u still have to pay back the loan. i was never told by the piece of crap that signed me up that i couldn't get my money back if something happened and i couldn't finish the courses. also thought that this was a school i had no idea college network was a publishing company until today when i read these complaints.i have been enrolled for almost a year now and haven't even taken the first test all i want is to be refunded for the classes i never even started i dont even mind paying for the one that ive tried to study for but when i called they said that i have access to all the courses so they won't refund me for the other classes. is there any kind of lawsuit against these people or has anyone ever gotten out of this bs contract if so please let me know. NEVER ENROLL IN COLLEGE NETWORK THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE. BEWARE !!!

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