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Everyone MUST READ THIS POSTING!!! ...It is the absolute truth, A year into their program I realized it was ###-(no academic support.. no wonder they never advertise their completion rates!!!) I refuse to pay them anymore money!!!...I'm was so disgusted, that I didn't care it appeared on my credit know why?...I am now able to afford the costs of repairing my credit since I was actually able to FINISH my coursework in a focused, guided, time specific, legitimate RN program..if I could teach myself, why do I need TCN.

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  • Ju
      Nov 23, 2011

    hi, i am disgusted too. i am thinking about having my payments cancelled and i have a few ? on what might happen since i have never done this before. i am planning on going back to an actual college. okay, how hard is it to rebuild your credit and will that affect my husband's credit also? and, if i cancel will the credit union take away my possessions that are in my name? such as vehicles, home, etc? i sure cant let that happen so i thought i would ask someone who has been through it. thank you

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  • Ta
      Mar 21, 2013

    I don't think they can take anything U own now but...UR credit will be affected!!! So u wont be able to open new credit lines, buy a new car or refinance your home if ever the need is there I don't think its worth stop paying complete the program!!!

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  • Ca
      Jul 28, 2015

    hi. my name is carolyn and i live in URBANA, IL. the college network has been calling me because i am looking for a college that excepts LPN and i am looking for a online RN program. i have discussed these reviews with the college and they said people don't read what they sign. i responded with "this frightens me after reading these reviews. they also said they are aware of these reviews. has anyone had good luck with this college? is there a online college that is trustworthy, honest where i can get my RN? Any information would be appreciated. thank you.

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