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Initially when I signed up for the program. Intended on completing theLVN to RN Program. After 30 days I several large boxes with binders. Which they call study materials. Shortly after that my sister was diagnosed with aggressive Breast Cancer. I became responsible for my sister's care, financially and physically.

Taking her to and from Chemotherapy, dealing with her illness and inability to tolerate the Chemo, paying her bills and mine. I am her sole support. I continued making payments to protect my credit. The payments were being deducted from my Checking Account. I called The College Network to explain my situation. And I was told to write a letter to Bernard Schraeder in Las Vegas Nevada.

I did as I was instructed. I even submitted my siter's medical records and treatment plan. Which is in violation of HIPPA Regulations. I asked Mr Schrader if he would show special consideration to my situation and allow me to cancel my contract. After about a month or so I received a letter from Mr Schrader stating that all learning materials have been sent to me and i am therefore required to continue making payments. And that I could contact Barbara Wiggins @ [protected].

I continued to call Mr Schrader, he never returned any of my calls. I returned all of the binders. Stopped the payments. I called Ms Wiggins and was told the the same thing. I was responsible for making payments and I have to have a bank acct. Now I am receiving calls from Corporate America (the lender). Not only am I not satisfied with the learning materials, my sister has a battle to fight and she needs me there for her.

I explained this to Mr Schraeder and Ms Wiggins. So basically I am paying for something that I am not satisfied with and fighting a battle with my sister. The program is Bogus and the learning materials suck. Not only that, you have to pay each time you take a test. The contract is designed for The College Network to make money. They have been paid by the lender. And refuse to send the money back to the lender under no circumstance. My back is against the wall. WILL YOU PLEASE HELP ME.

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  • Bo
      Mar 01, 2009

    I am trying to collect complaints against The College Network to bring it as a package to the Attorney General for deceptive charges. Please e-mail any complaints to [protected] Thank you.

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  • Di
      May 08, 2009

    I totaly agree with everyone on their experience with The College Network. I was not told everything up front and I was completely mislead. I was stuck with paying a bill that I really could not afford and with a false hope that I would have my RN within a short matter of time but of course that did not happen. I would not recommend the college network to anyone because they get your hopes up under false pretenses and you are left footing a bill that you cannot pay and still no advancement in your career. I was threatened to be sued if I could not pay. They put on a front like they are affiliated with Excelsior university when they are actually not. Please take it from me, don't call the college network if you want to continue your education or you'll end up like me stuck with a bunch of binders that are supposed to be study guides collecting dust and taking up room in your home. I think it is sad that they prey on middle class citizens whose only hope is to provide a better living for their family by furthering their education and getting a better paying job. I hope that their efforts will be put to a stop because their salaries are being paid by those who fall victim to their fraudulent practices.

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  • Th
      May 12, 2009

    Dear Dickson,

    I am unfortunately unable to locate you as a customer in our system. Generally, when I am able to identify a dissatisfied customer I would have someone from our Customer Care Unit contact them.
    Many people experience success using our program and we would like to help you do the same. Oftentimes adjustments to you study plan or some guidance from an academic advisor can get you back on track and on the path to earning that degree as well as the advancement you seek.
    Please contact Academic Support at 1-800-634-1443 and ask to speak to the manager of the Customer Care Unit. Her name is Heather and she would be happy to address any of your questions or concerns.

    The College Network

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  • Jo
      May 21, 2009


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  • Nu
      May 25, 2009

    I've been trying so hard and researching hours upon hours how to get rid of this! I was rushed into making a $10, 000 decision (LPN to BSN) into this fraudulent company and I WANT OUT! If ANYONE out there can help me accomplish getting out of this bind, please e-mail me at [protected]

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  • Th
      Jun 02, 2009


    I have reviewed the notes on your account and do not see that you have called us to express your concerns or dissatisfaction with our products and/or services.

    I have forwarded your concerns to our Customer Care Unit. Someone will be contacting to you discuss your concerns. I'm not sure why you consider us to be a "fraudulent" company, but we are happy to try to help.

    The College Network

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  • Ly
      Aug 23, 2010

    I agree with everyone with the exception of 'Rick' who apparently was too embarassed to give anyone his full name, even though he is presenting himself as a spokesman for the company. This isn't really a comment, but a question as to whether anyone out there has come to a satifactory resolution with this company through the Better Business Bureau or the Attorney General's office. I am trying to help a friend who is having a similar problem with the company and is at risk of losing her home if she can't get out of this ridiculous contract.

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