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The Cheesecake Factory / I am an employee of 4 1/2 years at your west nyack, ny location. I am vocalizing my complaints about one of our managers.

1 West Nyack, NY, United States

Dear Sir/ Madam; The Cheesecake Factory Corporate; November 20, 2016

I am contacting you to voice my concern towards a situation which occurred Saturday evening between myself and a member of your management team. I am an employee at your West Nyack, NY location. Over the past several weeks, our restaurant has undergone several changes. It has been somewhat of a tumultuous time, unfortunately. I truly believe, however, that our staff has been pulling together despite such drastic changes. This I feel is a display of our teamwork and perseverance. I am proud to work with such a dynamic team despite the challenges we have undergone.
I was hired as a server for your West Nyack team over 4 ½ years ago. Almost 4 months ago, my radial nerve in my upper right arm was pinched causing several weeks of paralysis in my dominant hand. I was unable to write and even lift the lightest of objects. For awhile I didn't work, believing the break would expedite the healing process. However, this method proved fruitless. About a month ago, rather than not work, I decided to pick up hours as a front desker. With two young children to support, not working for an extensive period of time was not an option. I have been working this position since then to the current time. Fortunately, my hand has been improving, and I hope to once again serve in the near future.
This evening, I was working the front desk as I have been recently. I still have issues with my right hand and wear a brace. There was five of us at the front desk as it was a busy Saturday evening. The ladies' restroom had not been checked or cleaned in awhile, so because we had about a 40 person wait with hardly any tables becoming available at the time, I kindly volunteered to clean the ladies restroom. As I have done this before since resuming my position at the front desk, I removed my brace so I could put on gloves for sanitary reasons. This slows me down a bit but I feel it is extremely important. Between having to wait for our guests to finish up in the individual stalls so I could tend to them and due to the fact that the restroom hadn't been checked for awhile, the cleaning process took about a half hour. Also, during the cleaning process, I sliced my hand open on a sharp piece of metal from the bathroom, further hindering me as I had to stop and request some neosporin and a band-aid from the office. While I was in the back area of the restaurant, I also restocked the paper towels, garbage bags and toilet paper as the bathroom bag was close to empty and so it would be prepared for the next bathroom check.
I returned to my post at the front desk and I saw that the wait had increased from 40+ to 60+ names on the wait list. I jumped right back into gear feeling satisfied that the ladies restroom was clean and that I had chosen the right time to tend to it. About 10 minutes later, a member of our support staff, Miss Stephanie Bucciarelli, called me into the office. She had claimed that I was “unaccounted for” for a 40 minute span. She said that I basically defied our mission statement because I was absent from the desk for an extended period of time. Isn't part of the guest experience having piece of mind, however because they choose to dine at a venue with presentable restrooms as this issue has affected the SMG scores drastically in the past? Also, when Miss Bucciarelli made the decision to send me home, I asked her if this was a good idea as we were still busy on a wait. Wouldn't sending home a front desker during such a busy time go against our mission statement? She told me that our “dinner rush” was over. So why is it that before I cleaned the ladies room there was 40 people on the wait list and afterwards there were 60 names on the wait? She had a slip all written up for me and decided to send me home. She pretty much bullied me and acted extremely callus. She claimed that she was at the front desk during the entire time that I was tending to the ladies restroom and was trying to insinuate that I wasn't there. I'm not sure if she realizes that I have had an injury, but according to the American Disabilities Act, she had no premise to bully me like that or send me home. I am not vexed with the company at all, however I believe that you should make an attempt to hire more compassionate people and educate them in regards to disability laws.
I am very upset and disgusted with the manner in which Miss Bucciarelli treated me. The fact that she was so unprofessional in accepting my present disability and my strong attempt to still do my job despite this just displays her managerial weakness. I am requesting that this write up be taken off my record as I feel that I did nothing wrong. I was merely doing my job. I will also be pursuing ADA litigation against Miss Bucciarelli personally if I don't receive a direct apology. This is all I want. I performed my job duties this evening and I did them well. By sending me home early for frivolous reasons, Miss Bucciarelli not only inconvenienced me, but she also inconvenienced my two young children whom I need to support on a daily basis.
This letter is my heartfelt feelings towards the situation. I have so much pride in working for such a wonderful company. I do, however, believe that you need to use more discretion in selecting some of your managers.

Christine D. Michalchuk

Nov 20, 2016

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