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36 Scullys Lane, Heathcote, Victoria, Australia
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Phone: 0400 187 185

Good afternoon,

I was recently in Phuket, and had an amazing time, until the point in when i was due to fly out..

At which point i was seriously disappointed with the service and lack of knowledge that the Thai Airways staff provided.

It was due to the mis information provided by your staff, that I was stranded in Phuket for an extra 3 days and forced to fly home with Jetstar and Emirates.

My questiion to you is, do your staff go through any proper training at all??

They were very unhelpful. I was forced to spend another $900 just to get home, after I had already booked and paid for flights with Thai Airways.

I am now seeking reimbursement of the flights that Thai Airways forced me to buy.

Please advise of the process for this.


Adam Rykers

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