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Flight number: TG0910 - 30/12/2018 from Bangkok to London Heathrow.
Mr Patrick Costello
Netflights Booking Ref: BND/[protected]

I recently took a flight back from Bangkok international Airport. I had during my holiday tweaked my back. I have serious damage to my back which is extremely unusual for a man of my age. I have bulging disc on L5 and tear in my disc on L4. I took medication with me on holiday but as you can imagine the pain can be unbearable at times.

When I arrived at the airport (29/12/2018) I asked were any free upgrades available. I tired to explain my condition to the staff however I felt I wasn't taken very seriously. I was informed no upgrade were available. I self medicated for the flight home. I was in constant pain and tried to sleep as much as possible.

After roughly 7 hours, the pain had become almost unbearable. I stood at the back of the plane for an hour in agony. I asked a member of staff for help, was there an area on the plane I could lay down. Again, I tried to explain my situation and condition. However due to the language barrier on both sides nothing was done. After another 30 minutes I asked another member of staff for assistance. He called the flight supervisor (His Manager). Language again was a hindrance. One blanket was put on the floor at the rear of the plane near the emergency exit. I was told I could lay down, I asked until we prepare to land and was informed yes. After just 10 minutes I was informed I must get up, I tried to explain I was informed by the flight supervisor I have authorisation. However I was informed I was allowed to lay for 10 minutes only.

By this time I was in constant pain. My back was spasm mode. I had sharp pains running down my left leg.

I spent almost 5 hours standing at the end of the plane in agony. I wasn't offered a dink at all during this time. I missed my breakfast and wasn't offered any help or assistance.

I was offered assistance from UK ground staff at Heathrow Airport upon arrival which I took. Thankfully when I landed I was assisted immediately.

When I was collected by my partner I was in tears of agony. I was so upset by the lack of support that was offered by flight staff from THAI Airways. Honestly the worst experience and assistance I have ever received.

I'm a 32 year old male, who for comfort wears a tracksuit for comfort. Travelling is difficult at the best of times and when flying when Virgin and British Airways I have been offered considerable help and assistance compared to what I received with yourself. I may look like a young healthy male but unfortunately I'm not. I feel if I were a first class or business class customer the staff would have done everything in their power to help. With me being economy I truly felt I received economy help and support.

I'm truly disgusted and upset. I was angry, in agony and was tears due to the whole situation. It took my partner a while to help me calm down.

Dec 03, 2018

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