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Thai Airways / Unethical behaviour

1 Taiwan Review updated:

I would begin narrating my experience from the time when I checked in for the Bangkok to Mumbai on 29th Apr 2008 at 18:45 (TG 317).

I arrived at the airport 2 1/2 hour before departure I was informed that the flight was delayed till 00:15 (5 1/2 Hours Delay). I requested the ground staff to put me on the Indian airlines flight departing an hour later as I only had hand baggage and the airline did have room for passengers on it, this they were not able to do saying there wasn�t enough time.

Hence, I checked in for the Thai Flight and asked them for what their policy for delayed flight is. To which they informed me, that they would give me 300 bath ($10) meal voucher. This I thought was being very unreasonable for such a long period of delay and I found out that as per Thai Law they were supposed to give compensation of 1200 baht for more than three hour delay on domestic flights and understood that for international it would at least be the same or more. When informed if Mrs. Titirat B the check in supervisor about this she said that their policy is to give a hotel room only if there is a 6+ hour delay and that she never hear about this law. Now I started to put two and two together, and realized that they only announced a delay of 5 �½ hours to avoid giving out the room and I was pretty sure that the flight would leave much later.

After wasting my time at the airport for several hours, I showed up at the gate on time for boarding at 23:35. But as I had suspected they didn�t start boarding yet, 00:15 not movement whatsoever, 00:30 nothing, finally they did start boarding at 01:00 and departed at 01:30 clearly after the 6 hour norm as per their policy.

This to me is clearly unethical behavior on part of the airline. It is most definitely their responsibility to take care of their passenger especially in situations like this. Not only they misinformed me and other passengers on the flight they also most probably broke the law.

I am thoroughly disappointed with the airline and would rather not fly with them anymore. There are several other airlines who do value their customers. I just hope that my message gets across to some on in the airline and helps them realize their mistakes.

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  • Je
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    Hi everyone, Here you go with another unethical behavior of Thai airways.

    I booked a flight from London to Bangkok then to Malaysia with thaiairways a couple months ago where i was told that the flight was cancel a week later due to commercial reason (they've changed my flight on the 8th of june to 9th of june) i wasn't too bothered at that time as it doesn't makes any different for a day or two. However, my agent rang me again and said there is changes on the flight itinerary again where i was suppose to fly during the night and been changed to noon plus the transit between Bangkok and Malaysia (My final destination)is about 13 hours. So i tried to rang thaiairways to reserved a room and compensation for my flight from Newcastle to London as i've booked the flight at 3.30pm. However, the member staff of thaiairways told me that they will not give any compensation as the flight it self it not booked under thaiairways secondly, even there is changes for any flights they are not responsible for any inconvenience as it is not in thaiairways policy to give any compensation. To be fair enough i tried to contact the number and email address given on thaiairways web page itself but i got into the VOICE MAIL all the time from calling the numbers and no reply from the email????? so what do all the thaiairways staff doing anyway??? Sleeping? finally A MONTH LATER...yes it is a month later i got my mother to ring them up and they were really rude with attitude problems. They blame all the fault on my agent( saying that my agent wasn't sure what the heck theyare doing??? how ridiculous?????) and refuse to deal with my mom!!! thaiairways said that all the things mention above is non of their bussiness as it is not in their policies. So my mom ring my agent and told them what happened and they said it is not their fault and they provided my mom with evidence that the flight been canceled. So when my mom got back to thaiairways London the member staff was speechless as they could not explain to my mom... HOW RIDICULOUS???? this will probably be the last time for me to travel with Thaiairways...and incident just happened 2 days ago!!! reply to my comment i would happily to provide you with further infomation about this!!!

  • Mu
      17th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I Muhammad Kashif Bhatti a Pakistan National request to all Pakistanis not to travel on Thai Airways as they misbehave with all of us and i promise not to travel by Thai Airways in future.

  • Mu
      17th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    Hi There Here is the un ethical un professional behavior of thai staff at Kuala Lumpur Airport. I request to all of pakistanis not to travel on Thai Airways in future. Their behavior to all Pakistanis is Rediculous

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