TG (Thai Airways) / Intimidated by TG Senior Flight Attendant - Ms. Saipin N


Dear sir/ madam,

I was in TG 432 on 2 April, Bangkok - Denpasar. And had a very unpleasant experience with Ms. Saipin N is due to her rude and arrogant attitude by saying:

1. She will move me to business class after 2 hours my TV was broken but I only move there to watch TV. If I sleep I hv to walk back to my seat.

2. When I asked her name she throw her name tag to me n said make sure I get it right. She knows I might report her to customer service but seem she did not care.

This is feedback for you as I don't think TG Airways as a very reputable company deserved to get ruined on your image by arrogant attitude like Ms. Saipin N has.

And also as Thai people are famous with their friendly and hospitality. Hopefully she will get more training as being a Senior Flight Attendant she will give a very bad example to follow for her juniors.

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