Texas Roadhouse / poor service

Louisville, KY, United States
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Recently went to texasroadhouse with my friends and we ordered some meals and drinks.
When I made my order I told the waitress that I don't want onions in my burger. I told her that I have an allergy and can't stand onions. She said that it was not a problem.
So we spent a great time there, everything was delicious and super tasty. But then I felt sick and rash started to appear on my skin. I called the waitress and she said she was very sorry and forgot about the onions. The entire party was ruined. I had to take a taxi and go home.
I'm very disappointed with texasroadhouse! I really loved the atmosphere there, food was amazing, music was great, but it seems like they really don't care about the customers. Well, I feel upset that texasroadhouse employee did not pay any attention to what I said about my health condition. Poor service.

Aug 08, 2016

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