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My husband worked for the store in Erie pa. They are very unprofessional as the managers are always drinking on the job or hungover from the previous night. They never had their schedule posted in a decent time and when he would call to get his schedule the people there would never answer the phone. Then the managers would allow other employees to call my husband to see if he was coming in. They would have my husband work 10-12 hr shifts with no break and wouldn't even consider asking if he is able to stay they would just make him stay, and I also work which I lost my previous job because of them.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Erie, PAThey need to fire all the managers there JESSICA, BRITTANY AND PAIGE! And for Jessica to tell my husband in front of everyone "your on my ### list" because he couldn't come in the previous night due to the fact that I was at work and had no babysitter which if they had their schedule up we could've made arrangements. Then to find out from other co workers that the MANAGERS are talking about the employee behind their back and say that my husband used our kids as an excuse to not come in which is never the case. We are very hard working people and would never ever use that as an excuse we need our jobs to support our kids. I'm very very very pissed off by this place and how its ran by them unprofessional and unorganized so called managers! And I wasn't even the one working their but to constantly hear about the ### my husband had to put up with is an outrage. Corporate really needs to pay this store a visit personally!!

May 06, 2017

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