Texas Direct AutoTerrible Service

I purchased two vehicles from Texas Direct Auto. A G-35 infinity and a Hummer H2. Both vehicles look great.
One thing I have noticed on both vehicles is they always spray paint over the front bumper area and the undercarriage. They do this with no prep work so it washes off in a car wash in a couple of months and then you see the real paint with many rock chips or scratches. Thats not so bad but it did cost alot to get it fixed on both vehicles.
Second it takes several hours to get help when you arrive at the dealership and that is putting it mildly. I had and issue with the Hummer with the DVD player not working and the car driving almost sideways it was so out of alignment and the tire in the front was bad. The salesmen said not to worry he would get me a new dvd player and for me to have the front end fixed and send him the bill. Well as of today 8-30-10 I still have no dvd player and this is almost 2 months later. I have called no less then a min of 20 times and have documented each time incase of having to take it further, the vehicle was so dirty inside that I brought the salesmen outside to explain my dissatisfaction of buying a pre owned certified car. It was not checked out at all and I dont believe they do any more then put a key in it and see if it starts . I can prove this since the hummer tells you what percentage of oil life is left for your vehicle and it was at a big (0) ZERO. So the bs that the cars are checked out is a bs story. I have had no problems with it so far but they sell you a load of cow crap..I am not going to buy again from them but you do save money but you will have to put our money after you find the hidden damage.
And by the way my salesmen even quit after I bought my car so I guess the customers arent the only one s not satisfied. Good luck Gary Cason and good move.

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