Tesco Puchong Malaysiasecurity and service

We are one of the adhoc vendors over a weekend recently, on Sunday, I was almost rob by two male suspect INSIDE the MALL.

The space that we were provided for promotional booth on the weekends were no seen of cctv nearby and no security personals seen doing their rounds.

I do hope such environment that Tesco Puchong Malaysia providing to their buyers or vendors need to be seriously to look into. Please be REMINDED that everyone in TESCO MALL is an ambassador to an INTERNATIONAL BRAND. Safety should be a TOP priority for everyone WHO ARE IN TESCO.

A hypermarket place for family which need to be safe and comfortable at all times. It is not something that need to be taken lightly, lives of people can be jeopardize for such matter taken lightly.

I am very disappointed and do not feel safe having our booth set up in the mall nor even shop in there!

Beside security, Mall Managers are RUDE too. This is another issue for your kind management to dearly look into. There is always a proper way to ask for an outstanding payments. If you need to be RUDE, so be it BUT please be reminded you are also representing TESCO staffs! This is WHAT we will label on TESCO HIRED RUDE EMPLOYEES!

Kindly look into the matter.

Jan 21, 2017

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