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Tesco Penang Malaysia / tesco penang sells without a price tag & dishonesty of internal staff!

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Four days ago, I was attended by Ms. Hajar a female cashier, on the check-out counter (RECEIPT NO: [protected]). One of the items i intended to buy, is a Tesco branded maroon comforter with motives. Before I checked out, I noticed there isn't a price tag on all of the comforters, but I thought they might have the bar code up at every check-out counter as this is the way every hyper market or store should operates; else why display items without a price for sale and serve confusion to customers? It is bad enough she asked if I REALLY wanted to buy this and told me, a customer, to go get another with a tag, only later realized and blinked the counter number for assistance, and have me waited over 5minutes for another male staff to search for the tag! The distance between the counter and the comforter's promo section, is barely 200meters! She also suggested me to make separate payments for the goods which has been scanned while waiting for the comforter's code in order to avoid queues behind me. As a consumer, I should not be paying 2 separate bills on the account of Tesco's inefficiency and poorly-manage system. Secondly, it is very incovenient in regards to cash transactions. Thirdly, it is wasting time. This matter occurs time and again over the years of patroning in Tesco Penang. I was hoping for a change in better service but I was wrong. Thus, I decided to report this incident to the Customer Service Department and to my surprise, there isn't any forms or the Comment Box to be found on the counter! I have to ASK for all that just to express my concerns! I am very disappointed with the poor service rendered, the inefficiency, rudeness and inconsiderate of Tesco staffs and all the unnecessary hassles! Not to mention, Ms.Hajar accidentally tore one of my fruit bags by not handling it with care in the scanning process! I would also like to highlight that many consumers noticed that Tesco staffs from the Perishable Department has quietly and suspiciously peeled, packed and tagged fresh fruits and vegetables as Reduce To Clear item and set it apart in a cart awaiting their accomplice or family member to come. When we wanted to pick from that cart, the lady told us it isn't for sale anymore; only later we lingered to discover the dishonesty of Tesco employees. I find that the managers are not capable of running the store. Most of the staffs has no courtesy towards the customers. This evening, I went to order a number of doughnuts for an event tomorrow, thus, the Tesco bakers told me to pay the full amount in order to place an order. As i adjourned the check-out counter in front, I was taken aback when the lady cashier asked me this silly question, "Why can't you buy now?" even after I told her it is for an event tomorrow! I had to wait for OVER 5 MINUTES AGAIN just to get the manager to walk to the check-out counter. When he did, he asked me "Who gave you this price tag?". I find this hillarious! It is impossible for customers to print out the store barcode by themselves!!! He even remarked that no customer has ever done this and that I SHOULD refer to the Customer Service Department! How rude! As expected of the terrible service, he made me stood at the counter waiting for nothing and walked off without confirming that it is done and that i could collect as appointed! (RECEIPT NO: [protected] Date: 20/3/2009 Time: 22:14) Now that I have gone through all these bad experiences, TESCO hypermarket is at the very bottom of my shopping list!

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  • Sp
      5th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I would like to add one more Dishonesty of Tesco Internal Staff!.
    This happen in TESCO Sungai Petani only Yesterday Everning. Aug 4, 2009
    On the promotion item, they only show promotion price and do not stated limits. ( Look at the photo attached )

    But at cashier check out point, when they see you take a few of same item, the cashier start calling their supervisor or Manager to come and verify.
    What happen is, when this person come, She told me, there is limits, you are allow to take 2 packs.
    When I asked her, where do you stated the limits, aanswer given was, I can enforce it at any time I like.
    This showed that TESCO sstaff is Dishonesty, they can do what they like.

  • Da
      19th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    staffs keep good offers for s.petani, fruits n vegies r kept for their relatives.In Penang, they trigger alarm to ask u to empty pockets, even when u have nothing, but own handphone n small purse.Reduced to clear vegies left for customers are disgusting.Soya RTD alrd turned bad.Waste time having to return, cos bght 3 bottles.

  • So
      9th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    i am canadian, 80 yrs old, told i look like a professor.then why did the half indianmalay muslim ### security arrest me and ordered me to folow them/wouldnt allow me to relive mayself in the rest room first.5 minutes later after search i know it serves me right for even visting a muslim country but the next week i asked for the manager of security and this also indian black malay ORDERED me to sit down and not to shout.i told the jerk to f himself and left no use.the curse of these people is that the indians are intelligent but the malays are at least 5000 years away from evolving into full humans.

  • Pr
      14th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Firstly I will have to agree with Miss Low. Tesco service on a whole has gone down the drain, with exception of a few staffs. I have personally met gentleman who is ever willing to help in Tesco Damansara. But when he is not there it becomes difficult for me to get assistance from anyone. And I actually have seen staff removing Reduce To Clear items, maybe to keep it for themselves. If you really want your opinions heard, go to Tesco Malaysia's website and send out and email to them. I know it will reach the right people.

    For Dayenne, Tesco has since stopped making that mistae. Nowdays they even publish limits in their newspaper ads. No need to worry about that. Now all you have to worry about is maing sure that the prices you are paying for is as stated on the price labels shown on the shelves.

    For Mr. Solomon, it was not right for the manager to do so, I agree, and what you did what absolutely within your rights, but blasting a country because it is a Muslim nation is not a good impression as this was just an isolated case. Unless the whole time you were in Malaysia you experienced the same attitude from our people?

  • Ed
      17th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    I agree Brother

  • Se
      14th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Yeah, staffs kept good offers for their relatives n themselves.Electrical clearance r no more for customers, only for staffs, I was told when I ask a staff regarding a trolley full of electrical appliances.I always have to find a price checker to check on suspicious prices before I am caught having to pay a higher price than stated.Thus tiring, n time consuming buying at Tesco.Do the big Mat Salleh boss read these feedbacks?I'll personally inform him when I see him in his rounds.

  • Ps
      25th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    yes.i do face the same experience with the tesco sungai petani staff. my hubby bought ice cream box with rebate but when reach at the counter the price is higher than the offer. sometimes i use to see the price offered at the rack is different at the counter. when we ask, they said no more offer . what is happening. are staff doing their work or not.
    the worst part was when i went shopping two days before deepavali. no promotions, no offer drinks, fruits price went up. chicken for rm 7 and pity not even a happy deepavali poster. hello !!! indians too shop at tesco. devastating!!!. where does the concept i malaysia went?????and pls do not mixed the beef with the chicken stuff like fish balls and other wet ingredients. tesco sungai petani ur a failure...felt like a stranger here.

  • Te
      14th of Jun, 2013
    0 Votes
    Tesco - lack of products
    England, Cheshire
    United Kingdom

    hi as a regular shopper at my local Tesco i have been getting more and more dismayed by the lack of products on the shelves on a Friday at 12 noon. as i shop after i finish work i do expect that the store is stocked with basic things like bread but oh no there was none of the brand that i wanted so they have obviously not ordered enough and then i to my surprise and great disappointment there were no egg custard tarts and as a friend of mine was visiting and can really only eat those i was most upset, however i then went to purchase a couple of bottles of rose wine only to find the shelf empty and the same thing with crackers, so i can tell you i was most aggrieved to put it mildly. alas this seems to be occurring week in week out and i am now thinking of going else where.also there was nobody to help either not a very good store at all i think so thanks Tesco .

  • Me
      19th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes
    Tesco - terrible store
    Tesco express New Malden
    England, Surrey
    United Kingdom

    This store is terrible. The Costa coffe machine is out of order more often than not. They never ever have any pastries on Monday and Friday mornings and on Monday mornings their sandwich selection is whatever was left over from the weekend. The ONE cashier(female) is bad mooded, sullen and unfriendly. There are never enough staff and when they do have staff in they stand gormlessly in front of the shelves pretending to be stocking things and getting in your way.

  • Te
      26th of Sep, 2013
    0 Votes

    I'm Teoh i had go to tesco extra penang to purchase hershey choco bar and also kisses few time but always no stock.
    please take note.

  • Ne
      9th of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    Before this my friends always ask me not buying anything from tesco as they has experience very bad services, but I keep saying I enjoy buying goods at tesco as their shop organize nicely and easy for search the goods, but today I m totally agreed with my friend, first and second time I just let it go but for the third time, I can bear anymore because they so rude, this complaint I address specially to tesco staff bukit mertajam, and maybe after this I need to reconsider buying goods at tesco or just go to other supermarket, I know tesco won't shut down just because loose only one customer, but logically if I can post complaint here, there no guarantee I do not tell to my friends, relatives or anybody about my bad experiences with tesco and this is not good for tesco, I'm feel bad to tesco as to facing this bad image just because few rude staff but this only way I can express my story, if this thing keep happen, I don't surprise if others also start switch to other supermarket. So I hope after this tesco customer don't experience something like this anymore

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