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Telus / misleading advertising

1 Canada Review updated:

I have been a TELUS customer for 10 years and have always paid my bills on time. Two years ago TELUS advertised a FREE I-Pod for existing customers who agree to switch over to Highspeed Internet. Of course the monthly cost for highspeed was higher than the dail-up that I was on. I thought: "How nice, after 8 years of being a customer at TELUS I finally get a perk, a reward for me for being a loyal customer and paying my bills on time". I contacted TELUS to sign up for high speed internet, agreed to pay an increased monthly service for high speed internet, and received the "FREE" I-POD.


Two years later I am moving to a new address. As any healthy consumer would do, I shop around for the best deal on phone, internet and cable service. Now SHAW has a great bundle that TELUS cannot compete with. It includes phone, internet and cable for only $20 more than what I used to pay for phone and internet service alone at TELUS. So I call TELUS to cancel my services.

I spoke to a TELUS representative from the LOYALTY AND RETENTION department. They will charge me $240 for canceling my services. WHY? Because I got a FREE??? (= not so free) I-POD from them two years ago and thereby agreed (without them telling me this at the time) to retain their services for at least 5 years. This is how TELUS retains their customers and creates customer loyalty! What a joke. I offered to send them back my not-so-free I-Pod. But they didn't want it. I guess they don't like my music.

They tell me now (two years later as I am about to cancel their services), that TELUS put me on a "Pay Protection Plan" - whatever that may be - which kept my highspeed internet service cost low (really? - I was still paying more than I was before!) and that therefore I have to pay them $240 unless I remain with them. Now after hearing all this, and after going through that very irritating automated phone service system, why would I want to stay with a government subsidized company who pretends to give you a free gift and charges you for it two years down the line. Thanks but no thanks.

TELUS is now advertising FREE laptops for customers to switch over to highspeed. Remember, nothing comes for free. You PAY dearly for your customer LOYALTY.

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  • Ca
      18th of Apr, 2008
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    Thanks for the warning. I almost got into the same trap. Three weeks ago, I applied for the bundle which included telephone, high speed internet and the free laptop - all to be installed last Friday (one week ago today).

    Customer service arbitrarily changed that date to 4 days later, without ever notifying me of the change, causing me to miss a filing deadline and incur penalties. I have called 7 times this week, and spoke to 7 different people, and they STILL can't get a modem sent to me and they have no way for me to pick one up.

    One helpful customer service rep suggest I go to the library and use their internet -- problem is dipsy -- I don't have a phone book to look up where the nearest library might be, nor can I google the address because you haven't provided me with access to the internet.

    I've explained to each of these reps that for relatively the same cost, your competitor could be here tomorrow and do the installation for me tomorrow. Each has promised that they will send the modem out Canada Post express tomorrow --- and here we are Friday and the modem has STILL not been shipped so they cannot provide me with a tracking number.

    Finally, after trying for over an hour to talk to a Manager, they put me through to this Customer Loyalty group as well. He explained that the best he could do would be to provide me with interim dial up capability. Thanks but no thanks. I'm bailing before it ends up being three months without service. Not to mention free laptop!!!

    Maybe that would have been the solution, at least I could have taken that to Starbucks and used their wireless!

    Bad, Bad, Bad service.

  • Ju
      8th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    I am a telus customer and i have been happy with the services provided i bought a new house and gave lots of notice to have everything hooked up knowing that things may not be the way they used to be and i am not the only house hold, Telus deals with. I told them when i got possesion of the house and they were able to have everything hooked up within a couple days of moving in. We had problems with the High speed internet and all it took was a 5 min phone call to telus and things were up and running no problems.

    When it comes to the free dell laptop if you sign a 3 yr contact, How can anyone say that is not a good deal you pay an extra $4 a month and get a $650 laptop. So in 3 yrs i will pay $144 for a decent laptop and i could back out at any time and pay $400 for a $650 laptop how can anyone in there right mind say that is not a good deal.

    When it comes to the IPod deal why don't you go down to your local electronics store and price one out with similar capabilities but also keep in mind that over 2 yrs ago they first came out and they were a hot thing everyone wanted one, including yourself.
    Yes Telus should not be telling people the laptops or Ipods are free, But come-on now people nothing is free read into it before you automatically jump into things. Thats like cell phones someone walks into a BELL MOBILITY store for example looking for a cell phone and they tell you a phone is free what would you think "WHATS THE KETCH" right, and again 3 yr contracts, and people sign up for those contracts all the time.

    People need to just keep in mind that your not the only person the big companies have to deal with and have some patience with these companies, Every company now a days is short employee's that why they make help wanted sign's, If your gonna be mad at someone why not the guy or girl you see walking threw town begging for money next time they ask for money maybe mention telus is probably hiring. Plan ahead its not that hard, Keep in mind it might take a week or two if not you can always schedule it in with them a week in advance.

  • Tr
      30th of May, 2008
    0 Votes

    No don't do it the computer is crap!!! My bill was one price when I was setting it up and now after just 3 months it is so much different by $50.00 dollars a month now Im paying over $100.00 a month. It is a waste of you breath to call and try and work things out. Just get the shaft all over the place!

  • Ha
      15th of Aug, 2008
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    I'm not with Telus (fortunately) but I came across this blog site trying to find out what Telus' recent ad that I saw on a bus yesterday meant. It said "we believe in staying dry." I still haven't figured it out to how it translates to buying any of their services. Probably I'm not smart enough to figure it out (which might explain why I'm not with Telus) but does anyone have any idea? I like Justin's entry there praising Telus for all its worth. Just pass me the KETCH up for my fries svp.

  • Wa
      15th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    The Russians have an expression;
    "Free cheese--only in a mouse trap!"

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