Telkomsaunethical behaviour

Telkom case number [protected]

Been trying to cancel a lte account because the device stopped working within a few days. After 3 months of no joy (Called to log a fault, follow ups, standing in queues etc), I decided to cancel the contract – that was january to march last year (2016).

Its now a full year that their lte has not worked and yet they charge me in full every month... Although they acknowledge my cancellation, they still continue to steal my money.

After a year of calls, complaints, no call backs, follow ups etc … I am yet to speak to someone that can tell me what is going on. I get the "run about" from the call center and they will always get a manger to call me back, which has never happened.

All I want is for telkom to stop debiting my account, cancel their useless contact and reimburse my account.

Jan 16, 2017

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