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centurion, ZA
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In the month of July 2017 i was charged a penalty by telkom including my normal debit order which i understood because in the month of June the debit order was not successful, now telkom debited the amount and went again in the same month to debit the same amount, even though the debit was successful, i then called telkom to advise of what they did and told them i'll reverse the latest debit they made as they have alreay recieved the original debit my lines were restored and life moved on, now in the month of November 2017 i get my statement showing me my normal installment plus the amount which was reversed in july, i then called on the 4th of november to explain and was told by Tandanani i should not worry it will be sorted, on the 13th of November 2017 i receieved ansms that my lines were suspended even with the assurance i recieved from the agent they still cut my line, i have spoken to 5 more agents ever since then to sort out, was promised a call by a manager nothing till this date, have sent mails with no responses, now what i want my lines to be opened and recieved credit for all the lost business because of the disruption in service this is my last attempt after this i'm taking this higher

Nov 20, 2017

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