Telkom SA SOCnon cancellation after process were followed

It all started on 14 September 2016 when I cancelled my telephone line which have adsl as I took out LTE as adsl was too slow. They said it was cancelled and I was happy. On 29 November 2016 I got a sms that I owe Telkom money. I phoned and said it was cancelled. They said someone reopened it on 2 October 2016. I told them it was not me. After about 20 phone calls they say it will be resolved and the reference no was [protected]
I got a sms again today that I owe nearly R900.00. When I phoned they say the cancellation was just never done. Someone with the name of Nomlungu Bottoman send it to cancellations but no one ever cancelled it.
Can you please help me or tell me where to go to get this cancelled as it is not working already since 14 September 2016 and I am really scared they will blacklist me. Please I did do everything as told but I received no joy.
Can you please assist URGENTLY
Thank you so much
Toreen Pienaar

Jan 25, 2017

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