Telkom SA SOC / new contracted ported to telkom mobile

Johannesburg, South Africa

Since the inception of my contracts, Telkom staff could not, port my number successfully the first time and gave me the run-around, capture the correct information for billing, nor could anyone fix the problem since inception. Algernon Matthews (LG), who has also promised on more than one occasion to have the situation remedied, has failed miserably.

It looks as though, Telkom thinks its clients have unlimited funds that they can help themselves to whenever they please. Since inception I have been charged for 4 contracts instead of 2. Telkom has failed to send me initial invoices and all of my ‘itemized bill.’ I have been debited twice in January 2017.

As I have tried my best to resolve this matter with Telkom staff at ‘Mall of Africa’ (where the initial contract was taken), with the staff that helped me originally and management with no success, I have taken the liberty to approach the banks and have reversed some of the debit orders and have instructed the bank not to allow any payments to Telkom in excess of our contract value.

I hope Telkom can assist to resolve the situation as soon as possible with the following:

1. Finalise my account from inception to current with supporting documents, so that we can correct any discrepancies.
2. Make sure the correct amount is debited from my account.
3. Pay for extra charges to the bank.
4. The stress and time lost in running around due to the carelessness of Telkom – we can talk about that once we have corrected the basics.
5. Kindly change my email address to [protected]

I eagerly await your response and a solution!!!

Jan 24, 2017

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