Telkom SA SOC / lines remain broken - need replacing not fixing

Pretoria, South Africa
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We have had problems with our lines for most of the end of 2016. We reported and they either just close the fault blaming our pabx system which is not faulty as they were too lazy to actually do some work.

On this particular number [protected] they would just close the fault claiming its our pabx system. I eventually gave up reporting it, but now our other lines are also dead: [protected], [protected], [protected].
References on [protected]:
424ctz160816; 583ctz180816; 213ctz140916; 444ctz200916;
127ctz281116; 56ctz051216; 35ctz030117.
References on [protected]:
References on [protected]:
227ctz020816; 93ctz100816; 425ctz160816; 410ctz261016; [protected]; 351ctz130117.
We pay telkom for a service and we get no service whatsoever. Just clever technicians who refuse to actually do their jobs.

Jan 16, 2017

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