Telkom SA SOC / landline cancellation - cancellation of data line

Cape Town, South Africa
Contact information:

18th July 2016 - First service cancellation email sent.

I attached the form and my certified passport to the email.
I received an automated response that someone would assist me within 21 working days.

Never heard back .

31st October 2016- Second service cancellation email sent.

I forwarded my initial email sent, dated 18th July 2016.

Never heard back, aside from the normal automated response.

I phoned Telkom, and demanded to speak with the shift manager a certain Mr Kasaval Naidoo - [protected]

I had since then emailed him several times dated:
31st October 2016
11th November 2016
January 6th 2017

He received my email at the end of October and assured me that he would escalate the matter for me even though he did not represent the cancellation department. Only because I threatened to contact the Telkom Ombudsmand.

I am still waiting to hear back from him.

The emails I sent him on 11 November 2016 and 6 January 2017 all returned to me undelivered for the automated response reason stating "that the recipients mailbox is full".

Around the same time I received a phone call from telkom and was advised to email my initial complaint to the following email address:

I forwarded her my correspondence from 18th July 2016.

Today Tuesday 17th January 2017 I received an sms from Telkom saying that I owe them R634.41.

So they have been billing me for months where I have not even been living in my apartment because I moved out in November.

I absolutely depise Telkom. They are the absolute worst. Their service provider role is mediocre at best, and their customer service is incompetent and downright inefficient. Half of the people you speak with on the phone don't know what's going on or how to resolve problems.

And as for the service cancellation department, judging from the copious amounts of complaints I have found on the internet, I'd say it's nonexistent.

It's a pity there is no competition for Telkom and that they monopolize our industry in South Africa.

I made the biggest mistake of my life going through Telkom just to try and hire a data line so I would have access to the internet at my house.

I'd rather pay double the amount to get private internet via set data plans through MTN than put up with another day locked in Telkom's prison of stupidity and incompetence.

I have attached my original service cancellation form. However, I will not post more documents, due to my wish to remain relatively anonymous without my personal details being made public and freely accessible to the public.
However, should anyone from Telkom wish to contact me to request further correspondence my email address is astrid.[protected]

My most desired resolution of this problem would be :
SECONDLY: Not to pay for the outstanding amount where I have been billed for the 3 months since I have moved out of my apartment. The 631.41 amount.

Telkom SA SOC

Jan 17, 2017

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