Telkom SA SOC / adsl/lte not working for months. abysmal customer service

Edenvale, Johannesburg, South Africa

In March 2017, our 4MBPs Uncapped ADSL line dropped to ridiculously low speeds (between 0, 3MBPs and 1MBPs Download).
It has now been 2 months! We have contacted Telkom numerous times, to no avail. 2 different technicians came to assess the situation, and then left. Neither have been seen or heard from again!

Out of sheer desperation, we bought a 100GB LTE package from Telkom in the hopes that we could have some internet. Big mistake! Very big mistake! Out of the box, from day one, it did not work! We now have TWO internet accounts with Telkom that do not work!

Again, went through the rigmarole of logging faults, speaking to agents, waiting patiently, going into Telkom offices and finally complaining on social media. All just in a desperate attempt to get some kind of help! This one has now taken over a month! Nothing! We were told 72 hours.

This has to be, by far, the absolute worst "customer service" we have ever encountered! This company should be ashamed! Disgusting!

I feel my only recourse, is to cancel all existing accounts with this abomination of a company and move on.

Will I ever see the end of this communications nightmare Telkom?

May 10, 2017

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