Telkom SA / I am unable to download e-mails larger that 2 mb

Since the recent upgrade of Telkom's e-mail suite to “Zimbra” I have been unable to download e-mails larger than 2 MB (Timeout Error). I made the mistake of contacting Telkom support on 10215, what a waste of my time; the agent introduced himself as 'Job' and he could not even perform that. After a lengthy explanation and attempts from my side to make him understand the problem, the solution provided by the 'EXPERT' he consulted was, not to receive such big e-mails. I requested to speak to the 'expert' and was kept holding on, after 20 min of holding on I eventually put the phone down, none the wiser with regards to the error I’m receiving. I know Telkom will not bother to listen to my complaint even if management got a hold of this complaint, what I can stress thought is Telkom must count their blessings, there are alternative suppliers out there and I for one will make it my priority to find an alternative service provider and to discourage others from ending up with the same frustration of 'Poor Service'. Telkom you will lose roughly R800.00 a month from myself, and more from others, I know this won’t lead to your to your financial ruin but remember the drops fills the bucket!!

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