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Durban Kwa Zulu Natal, ZA
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[protected]-i went to the Gateway telkom Store to add onto my current Package a Huawei Mediapad . firstly a consultant said to customers in the line i will be back shortly i need a toilet break, 35 minutes later he decides to walk back in and when this was mentioned to a staff member the response was he will be back. seriously now is that how you treat customers and operate!

however i was attended by a consultant who took my ID confirmed the price etc with me and comes back after 5 minutes to advise me there is no stock of the item, and then goes on to try and offer me a Samsung deal. i declined the Samsung deal and requested stock availability and to be told we are not sure when stock will be received, i then requested to be placed on a waiting list, the response again was i am not sure when stock will be received. i again politely said can you place me on a waiting list- to my horror i was told we not sure when stock will be received but the Samsung deal... i stopped the consultant .

i requested the consultant to check other stores and was then advised the phoenix store has 2 units available. i traveled down to phoenix, and again my details was confirmed price was confirmed, the consultant goes to the back and comes to me and says sorry we out of stock, i said ok but Gateway advised me that you do have 2 units available, the consultant goes back to the stock room, and seeing that Telkom employees are so wonderful, a second person says to the consultant "oh why did gateway tell him that, dont they know, anyway just tell him these units are being kept for someone we can only offer him the samsung unit" - yes i overheard it!!!

i asked the consultant to speak to a manager- manager is not in was the response, can i get a contact number to your complaints team, we dont have a number was the response, i then requested to be placed on a waiting list again, the response again was i am not sure when stock will be received. Same response in two stores !!!

how does telkom offer a deal and not have stock, surely there should be reorder levels in place, your service is absolutely pathetic and to overhear your team say what they did was pathetic and disgusting.

in terms of treating customers fairly - you did nothing to assist me, i even asked to be placed on a waiting list but you did not offer me that but im pretty sure you will call me in 3 weeks to offer me the deal, i say that cause when i took my mobile contract i went through the same thing, i did not think of it them but having this happen twice now just goes to show your pathetic nature as a business.

im pretty sure you wont respond which is fine, but more and more people will take note of your devious sales methods and im pretty sure ECR consumer watch will be rather interested in this.

Dec 07, 2016

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