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Telkom replaced mac authentication with eappeap registration (Username and password registration) without notifying their customers. Since I have 2 accounts on telkom, I discovered this change when I logged into the self-service portal & the mac address input had been removed on their website. I called telkom asking how to change the mac on my account & I was put on hold for several minutes while being transferred to multiple departments & none of their customer care call service people knew what I was talking about. I took the initiative to visit the closest telkom direct store. While I was there no one could provide me with any assistance, instead I was asked to go to the next branch—a block away. Frustrated with the experience, I posted a complaint at hello peter & telkom immediately replied giving me a reference number: sm169771 I did research on how to connect with the new 1 telkom connect & followed all the steps listed: http://mybroadband.Co. Za/vb/showthread. Php/783077-new-wi-fi-authentication-enhancements-for-telkom-subscribers-and-non-telkom - and still I can’t connect. I sent multiply messages to telkom via twitter dm inquiring about my case & still I didn’t receive any resolution to my issue. 42 days later I posted a second hellopeter complaint about telkom. I received a reply from telkom another reference sm169771 & still no assistance or resolution to my issue.

Jan 05, 2016

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