Telkominstallation of new line

When I applied for line I was told I would get an installation date in 14 days but have to pay R700 deposit, which I did. I then got an sms to say my line will be installed as soon as a pay another R700 deposit, which I then did again. On tuesday I got a call advising that the technician is available on Friday -13th today. I then got an sms advising it has been scheduled. On friday morning I received another sms advising the technician is coming today. After taking time off from work and waiting the whole day - the technician never arrived. After holding for sales on my cellphone for 40min I'm finally assisted - the lady who answered said they should never have scheduled me because there is no line!!??? How is this possible I stay in an estate, there is a line currently and everyone around me also has one?? Then when I asked howcome I've been booked and confirmed then she transfered me to technical who couldnt assist and advised they can only transfer me back?

This is unexceptable!!

Jan 13, 2017

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