Telkom ADSLadsl line

Good day,

We have just discovered that the ADSL line that was installed in our office is not under our name and your call centre advised that we re-apply.

We are in week 4 without the internet and after so many calls to your call centre and so many references and promises of a technician coming to sort it our we are told that we need to re-apply for the ADSL to be under our name and only then we will be reconnected to the service that we’ve been paying for since December.

I’m confused as to who’s line have we been paying all along and how can we have had someone else’s line since December and why is it only cutting off now ? Siskazi Manjezi was our sales consultant and ensured us that everything was in order, Zelna Naude sent an email in November to inform us that the technician has been dispatched to install our ADSL line now I don’t know how we could be sitting on this problem 5 months after installations.

Please fix this as a matter of urgency and connect our internet as we have very frustrated clients due to our employees being unable to receive and send emails for almost four weeks now.

Sort our account and please stop mixing it with our home account because you keep sending technicians to our home in Albertsdal and when we tell them that the problem is in our office in Brackenhurst and not our home they refuse to come to the office due to some procedure Telkom has laid down for them.

I look forward to your prompt response and solution to fix all this urgently.


May 11, 2017

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