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Just had my 1st interaction with Teledoc as it is part of our companies benefit package. If you like being read to from a script, this may be the service for you. Feeling sick and thought it would be great a have a video call and not have to leave the house. Video call requested, received phone call. The what I hope was a physician whom called me, went through a very brief medical history which was fine. Then he asked symptoms. I related my symptoms and he then I felt read from a script of what I had and told me 4 or 5 over the counter products I needed to take. I assured him I have had this before and it's not viral, as was his assumption. I told him I wouldn't have wasted his time, my time or the money to call if over the counter products had worked in the past. He got irate and said "no antibiotics for you, it's a cold" and then hung up the phone on me. Entire call lasted 2 minutes and 53 seconds.  Have left a message at Teledoc NY office. Will be interesting to see if I hear from them.  Guess I should have known better...  Will try and get an appointment with my physician.  

Nov 28, 2017

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