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11:21 am EST

Hope4Cancer Sham medical facility

I accompanied my sister to Tijuana for a 3-week regiment, to be followed by a one-year home cure due to ovarian cancer (almost 45K). I left after one day because of my work obligation. 2 weeks after leaving her, I get a call from the center, asking me how my sister was doing. This was their way of informing me that she was no longer in their care. I was told that they had transferred her to CA due to hepatic failure. When I called the hospital in CA, I was told she was actually in acute renal failure and that there was nothing they could do. My sister died less than a week later. My calls and emails to the Tijuana center resulted in them sending me a form that I need to sign for them to release a "summary of care", provided I agree to not hold them responsible. I need answers as to how long my sister was in renal failure before they noticed, or what, if anything was attempted before dumping her back in the States, but that falls under "clinical care" and I am not entitled to know.

Desired outcome: Full medical records and a refund.

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Jeannine Dolan
, US
Sep 30, 2022 6:24 pm EDT

Wow !

, US
Jan 27, 2023 10:34 am EST
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I accidentally clicked the unhelpful button twice. I apologize! I thought it was a drop-down menu. I went there myself, and did not get desired results. I feel like I mislead by a patient of theirs who is an "influencer". Were you able to get refunded?

, US
Apr 04, 2023 2:21 pm EDT
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Yes Wow but make no mistake about it ...You get far better care for cancer anywhere else but the US. This guy's sister dies while in the care of a US hospital and he somehow blames a cancer hospital in MX... Hmm yep Wow!

Dallas, US
Sep 22, 2023 9:18 pm EDT

Seriously?! She developed acute renal failure at the facility in Mexico and they transferred to the US for further treatment. Notice they didn’t transfer her to the Tijuana facility which seems to have a higher level of care for more critical patients.

2:53 pm EDT

Hope4Cancer "Treatment" in Mexico

Hope4Cancer is a scam. My sister went there for 3 weeks. $45, 000 dollars. When she was there, they told her she needed extra meds that cost her an additional $5, 000 (most were supplements that can be bought on Amazon for MUCH cheaper).

Now she is home and withering away. She weighs 75 lbs (32 years old). We took her to the ER one week after she returned from Mexico. Her lung keeps collapsing and she can't walk or breathe hardly, because the cancer has filled up her chest and is causing fluid to build up around her lungs and heart.

Now, Hope4Cancer is completely ignoring her calls and emails. They already got paid (you have to pay 100% in advance), so what do they care that she is actively dying?!

Don't go to this place. When you read any "success" stories, go search obituaries for those people, or consider the date that the "success" story was written (Was it 1 year ago? In which case many would still be alive? Or has this person veritably survived for 15 years after going to Hope4Cancer?)

And for those few "successful" stories, how many of those are due to the placebo effect? How many are cases where a surgery was performed to cut the cancer out before "treatment" (ah-hem, Chris Wark)!? (The cure was the surgery, not the carrot juice).

The "statistics" cited on the Hope4Cancer website do not include ALL cancer patients that visited them, only the patients (who were still alive) that they WERE ABLE to follow up with. Don't be duped.

Desired outcome: Get rid of these scammers.

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9:44 pm EDT
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I went to Hope 4 Cancer in February of 2016 with metatastic ovarian cancer. I was quoted $30, 000 for a two week stay including reghvir, PCN-27 and various vitamin infusions. For an additional $15, 000 I could get another week, which was, of course recommended. The receptionist Pam, who had been so friendly before I arrived became downright impatient and...

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