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Telecheck / Denied Check and Debit Card Transactions

1 MO, United States Review updated:

I have a small business banking account, and have utilized my business debit card and checks for years. On 5/11/11 telecheck processing denied my debit card, and a check (both methods of payment). I phoned my bank to for shock of identity theft. They confirmed the correct good standing account balance. The bank also informed me to look for contact information on the denied receipts and to contact the third party processing company. I phoned telecheck, they "updated my information". The operator informed me that the information would be updated in their system in 5-7 business days, do not try to process again, it will still be denied. I then utilized a personal account to pay the vendor. I was on a business trip, the debit card was denied 3 additional times by different vendors. I phoned telecheck today to speak with supervision/manager to try to get this mistake made on their behalf more quickly remedied (because freezing my ability to pay vendors does not work & is nuts), and also to request a letter stating why my account was denied and could not be processed and the length of time this error is to occur. (This letter is needed to put with my receipts, in event I need to justify IRS records for co-mingling personal and business expenses, while my account remains frozen by this inefficient third party company that has complete power to block your funds, and no way to correct mistakes. ) The only way I have found to place complaint with Telecheck is to write a letter to a snail mail address. The fact that a processing company that is not my bank has the complete ability to block all types of funds and render your money useless for 1 week is outrageous. If anyone has suggestions on how to stop this company, please advise.

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  • Ri
      16th of Sep, 2011
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    I had a similar experience today, but didn't have my debit card with me. My check was denied due to limited transaction history with telecheck. Um..I have been using my debit card, as we are being pushed to do. I was mortified to be denied at the family owned IGA that I had been doing my weekly shopping with for years. The clerks also had to drop what they were doing to put my weekly groceries back, after telecheck said it was denied. My bank informed the clerks that I had thousands in the account, and it had to be on their end. So, we called telecheck (the phone recording looped, so I was required to enter my information 4 times before getting to a real person). They continued to say that I was denied, so I left an d will not return. I then called when I got home and spoke with a supervisor who then told me she could release my check? I said "No, I'm home now and the groceries have been put away. " I'm now reading that they might electronically charge my account on top of this mess? Absolutely ridiculous business practice. Unfortunately, the businesses will lose customers due to their incompetence. I have seen states are suing TeleCheck in Supreme Court. Maybe we just have to let that run it's course while using cash?

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