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AchieveCard Complaints & Reviews

AchieveCard / prepaid card

Sep 19, 2019

AchieveCard I get my SSDI direct deposit on the 4th Wednesday of every month. It got directly deposited into Achievecard Pre-Paid Visa. An associate of Achievecard or the institution themselves changed my user ID and password a week prior. They also drained my account via wire transfers (something...

AchieveCard / payment not received

Sep 04, 2019

I have been with this company for about 4 years. I have not received my dd from my employer and this company is not doing a damn thing to find my funds. I am going to change from this [censored] company and make sure that I never recommend any one to this company. I have given them the trace...

AchieveCard / multiple issues within the achievecard company

Jul 15, 2019

My card was compromised on Sunday June 30th when I was immediately notified from The Establishment I was at like that my card was declined I called AchieveCard but they were closed on Monday morning I called AchieveCard and filed a claim I submitted customer statement of dispute...

AchieveCard / my direct deposit has not been sent back

Jan 18, 2019

I had my achieve card close for certain reasons and I received my direct deposit and that was sent back to the US Treasury but I still haven't gotten the other part of my direct deposit sent back and I've been waiting over a month for my money to be sent back so I could come back to me and... / unauthorized charges

Dec 18, 2018

AchieveCard.comTo whom this may concern First I would like to apologize because I have no access to a printer. I'm failing a despite because my purse was stolen from me me someone sent a transfer of $518.80 and the confusing started while failing Because I called PayPal and I was told to cancel out the...

AchieveCard / my return

Dec 06, 2018

I got a hotel room in Maggie valley nc. Ramada in by Wyndham, 203.57 is not back on my card yet and i need to pay a bill and it has been a couple of days since November 30th 2018 and i have other bills to pay and i would like to know when its gonna be back on my card i have people thhat...

Achieve Visa Card / clothes

Sep 10, 2018

When ever i want to pay with my transcash visa card it always tell me that there is something wrong with my user account i don't know why please i want you to explain to me why it's always saying that because it's really driving me crazy i have been trying this since last week but it kept...

AchieveCard / overall practice

Jun 08, 2018

I had a dispute with a merchant and called them. They said we need to cancel your card and will send you a new card which they charged me $9.95 and then told me I would receive an email with the forms to dispute. I never received the email. I also noticed several months ago the amount of...

AchieveCard / my account

May 03, 2018

I was expecting a deposit sent to my achieve card via the government. For my hard earned tax overage for the year 2014.i opened the account for the card just to accept my deposit. I left it totally alone for 4 years as a savings account so to speak. I de to cide this year transfer the...

AchieveCard / they charge you for being a victim

Mar 18, 2018

AchieveCard I added money just to book a hotel and rental. Someone from tried to book plane tickets. They refuse to speak about it by phone just email. See below. I didn't know that when i called to find out why $1 was debited and by who. They locked my card before i could tell them what i...

AchieveCard / prepaid debit card

Feb 21, 2018

My card was stolen out of my wallet. I had to cancel it and get a new card. The fee for this is $29.00 for 2-3 days shipping and the fee for 7-10 day shipping is 10.00 this is insane and I can't afford that fee. The customer service rep Steve Jackson was unhelpful and unsympathetic. I...

Achieve Visa Card / all my money was not on my visa card to pay a bill

Feb 17, 2018

On 2-14-18 I put 110.00 on my card +3.95 total of 113.95 my bill was 100.70 Dish said it was an error on the card I called ACHIEVE CARD I only had 69.00 on the card .What happened to my money! If you are taking 40.00 out for me using the card I will go to another type of card.I have had...

AchieveCard / Avoid them

Nov 24, 2017

I don't think someone should use them because there are some reasons for not doing it. Their fees. Ten dollars every month for their useless service. You know if their service was great, I would not say a word. But it's terrible, the lines are always busy, most of their employees don't...

AchieveCard / debit card missing money and then closing account because I called about it

Jun 16, 2017

i called a couble of weeks ago because i seen where 49.00 dollars was missing well i had a heart atack in april the same thing had happened i did not see it then cause of course i had a heart a atack well when i called i filed a complant to try and get my money back we they closed that...

AchieveCard / blocked card

May 02, 2017

I ordered a new card because I lost my old one..When I called to activate my new card they told me my card was blocked from use but don't have an explanation and that they will send an email to some other department to request to have it unblocked..Also told me I have to call back in...

AchieveCard / too expensive

Mar 10, 2017

I am not satisfied with AchieveCard, it's too expensive! First of all, for some unknown reason, they charge me $10 every month and when I contacted AchieveCard support they were not able to explain anything. They said that was a maintenance fee and nothing more. And also they charge me every...

AchieveCard / direct deposit

Mar 09, 2017

For the past almost two years my direct deposit has been sent by 8:30pm every other wednesday. Pay period is every other friday. Now all of a sudden its thursday 11 am. Then wednesday night again then now nothing at all. I am sick and tired of the games. Because i will call and complain...

AchieveCard / achieve card visa/debit card

Feb 08, 2017

I have called customer service multiple times in regards to my direct deposit going onto a closed card. I have waited the allotted amount of time for my funds to be automatically transferred to the card I have now. I was informed that my funds would automatically load onto my card by...

AchieveCard / monthly fee

Mar 14, 2016

Ok so I have never really had a problem with this card, they offer early direct deposit they promote two days early but I get mine the night before around 9ish. Which is still pretty awesome, but this is the second card I've had with them. The first was a MasterCard but when they... / the staff took different hidden fees and didn't inform clients

Feb 19, 2016

People, be aware and better don’t order debit cards from I have received this card and it was ok within couple of days, but one day I checked my account and found out that they took $0.99 for the each transaction and different account fees. No one told me about these fee...

AchieveCard / service

Jan 08, 2016

Why can I not get anyone on the phone??? and I go online to find a number, and find these reviews instead!!! soooo, let me get this straight??? we give you (nwo)... i'm sorry, achievecard I meant! we give you the money, you have the money... we have a sliver of plastic (that you gave u...

Achieve Card / didnt send me new card

Jan 15, 2015

I requested a card on January 5th via telephone and agreed to pay the $9 fee. I called on January 12th to check the status of my achieve card and the same person told me there was a mistake or error that was made by one of the departments and that my card was never sent. I told the... / disputes

Sep 02, 2014

I have had achieve card - visa for almost a year, and last month i had just put 200.00 on my card and in about 10-15 minutes later someone .I had gotten a text telling me that the purchase was made on my account, I called achieve and they told me they would send me the dispute forms to...

Achieve Card / prepaid card

Mar 29, 2014

Ok I received an achieve card by mail a few months ago. Few more went by before the first time I used It, the first time I used It was feb 10th 2014, I added 395 to the card. The next day I went to use it and it said I couldnt, It said It was pre active, If thats so why was I able to add...

AchieveCard / stole my money

Feb 26, 2014

I activated my mastercard and went to walmart and had 30$ put on it. Get it home and they say it isnt active. And cannot be activated. They said they had to send me a replacement card. Which I recieved about a week later. Went ahead and activated the visa. I have been trying to reach these...

Achieve Card Visa / rewards auctions

Dec 16, 2013

reward auctions are rigged . was clearly on my computer, said I was the winning bidder 5 seconds later they put someone elses name on that auction as winner, I called to complain. in the background there was a guy laughing, thyeir female rep gets on and tells me after reviewing my account...

Achieve Card / missing funds

Dec 03, 2013

Had a direct deposit from S.S.D. For 999.00 this morning. So my balance was 999.00 I made a payment to All State ins. For ~207.00 Next, I went to Walmart and transferred 500.00 to my pre- paid PayPal account. Now my balance is 40.00 I'm filing charges

Achieve Card / stolen tax refund


Had my 2011 tax refund direct deposit and the compliance department decided to send it back because of my name didnt match. Even after I sent them all the information. They stated that they sent it back to IRS, since November 2011 and now is April 2012 and still haven't receive...

Achieve Card Mastercard / rip off fees


Received card in the mail, went to add funds and was charged $4.95 just to load $50.00. Went to make a $42.00 purchase and it was declined. I find out that they took another $10.00 out for "fees". No way to refund Stay away from this card, it's easier to use prepaid walmart cards.

Achievecard Services First California Bank / / hold and customer services


1st- the company is so ridiculous and customer service, supervisor is also ridiculous.. Over all poor service all around... I had use my card to purchase t-mobile phone and use 50.00 as deposted, well what a mess they cost. The company has no comment sence, if t-mobile cancel the order they...

Achieve Card / missing money


29.95 is being deducted from my acount every month. Iwould like this to stop immediately sincerly jimmie j paterno 2305 39th st. Des moimes, iowa

Achievecard Mastercard / blocked card with money on it


I had my income tax refund deposit on the prepaid card along with my two cousins checks deposited which achievecard received the deposit and then I removed my cousins money and gave it to them. Well after about a good 3-4 weeks my card got blocked with no notifications at all. But my...

Achievecard Pre-pay / unauthorized payment


On May 18th, i ordered from the mint a $2 bill. one other $2 bill was free. the amount was $10.00 pluse $6.95 cents for shiping and handling. By the time the automated michine was finished, the amount was almost $237.00. I ordered a $2 dollar bill not $237.00 worth of money. I called the...

Achieve Card / direct deposit


To: the achieve card scam artists My friend had his tax refund deposited into your bank on friday, march 4th. Apparently after speaking with several of your customer service representatives, supervisors, and compliance department (?) for more than an hour, we do not have our money yet...

Achieve Card / illegal atm withdrawal


I received the card, eay to activate. But the first time I used the card to withdraw money from an ATM, my transaction of $40 + surcharges, was then again removed from my account 1 1/2 hours later. I filed a complaint with their company, waited well over the 45 days (2 1/2 month...

Achieve Card / card sent to me


I recieved a dard in the mail today 1/4/2011. Idid not request this card and don't want it, the fees are crazy. When I tried online to stop this maiking I could not get them.

AchieveCard / fruad


I was sent a prepaid debt card and the fees was taken off the card immediately. So whatever money you put on the card, will not save any money because they will take it off the card. Today, I call the company to complain that I have never use the card and I tried to make a purchase on...

Achieve Card Company / stole money


Company Stole My Money Of $1373.65 And Have Had 17 Days To Return The Money Back To Payroll. They still have My Money.

Achieve Card / overcharged, card never worked


Dis card came unsolicited in the mail. I had activate it to see if it was credit and it didnt work and kept declining. A few months later I hit them up about what the card is used for and they told me I could avoid check cashing by using direct depoist. My card had a starting balance of...

Achieve Card / fraud


This prepaid card is a fraud from top to bottom. Stay away. First I see Ryan Thomas replied on here, he works for Achieve Card. What a joke he is . He claims they have set up a special number for complaints, right to the president's desk. They will call you back. NO they do not. They...