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TeleCheck Services Complaints & Reviews

TeleCheck Services / denial of check cashing privileges

Polyne Truman on Apr 25, 2018

First check denied in Feburary. Sav a lot in Gladwin, MI. Second check denied at Walmart in Houghton Lake MI - Called telecheck and provided. name, address, phone number, driver s licence number. Was assured that my record was now in there system because I only wrote one or to checks a...

TeleCheck Services / denied check at walmart 5 times.

Roxy “Roxy” on Mar 24, 2018

I am letting you know that I have contacted my Lawyer and He told me that Telecheck has no right knowing what is in my Checking Account so I have let them know they need to fix everything with me. I have no check on file with Telecheck and you have no reason to hold anything against me...

Telecheck / denied check reason code 4 — and they will not correct the issue

Adriene Henderson on Jan 11, 2018

This company has denied my checks at Walmart on 2 different occasions. I sent in the information they required to correct the issue and then they just re-installed the alert again. They claim I have a bank account through a bank I have never banked at in my life. They say that bank account...

Telecheck / check denied at merchant

Yikeswhyme on Sep 9, 2017

TeleCheck denied my check at a merchant and their reasoning was I did not have enough check writing history. These people need to get their head out of their butts. I have used my same checking account for over 20 years, writing well over 10, 000 checks, never bounced one, and have several...

Telecheck / Denied check... Fourth time

Telecheck sucks on Dec 26, 2016

This is the 4th time Wal-Mart denied my check due to Telecheck screw up. This time, they said there was a problem with a different account, not the one I was writing a check on, not even the same bank. However, the bank account they said there was a problem with, is the same one they...

Telecheck / Declining checks without probable cause

Richardsp on Dec 16, 2016

I'm 65 years old and never had a bad check!!! I only write checks because I don't trust debit cards! (no pin /no signature and in my world no purchase) I am only being rejected at Office Depot/Max. I called TeleCheck today and the answer I got is because I displaying suspicious behavior...

Telecheck / Denial of checks

newjunk on Oct 8, 2016

This is not the first time I have been denied. This time it was in two stores and the prices are in the hundreds that had to be put back on the shelf. I have tried numerous times to try to correct this but to no avail it remains. There is no way to get a hold of these people. They are a...

Telecheck / Check processing at major drug & discount stores.

KAY Trinkle on Jul 28, 2016

For no reason, out of blue, check at Kmart, then Walgreens was denied. Called bank immediately and they had not received checks. Knew there was ample funds and bank confirmed cash available in checking acct. So mgr at Walgreens gives me 800 # to call. Call Telecheck and the run around...

Telecheck / Denied Checks

Tabbytoot on Feb 8, 2016

I am tired of being denied at local stores in Michigan. Every time it is Denied by Telecheck. How is it I can write a $13.00 - $36.00 check at a local pharmacy and then turn right around in the same store go to check out and write a check for groceries and I am denied. Every time. this i...

Telecheck / Telecheck caused my check to deny

D Jean on Oct 4, 2014

Have had multiple problems with Telecheck. My husband is a disabled veteran I am his fiduciary. The checking account must be set up as a custodian type of account. We are bound to only use checks, or online banking, no debit card, no atm transactions, no cash. I tried to purchase parts to...

Telecheck / Sears wouldn't accept check

Shirley1 on Aug 20, 2014

Our salesman had to call telecheck to accept our check for our new washer. They said no because Johnny doesn't write checks for large amounts enough. He's had the same checking account for the 26 years that I've been with him and from my understanding a longer than that. How...

Telecheck Services - Houston / Fraud

Chris Lt on Aug 15, 2014

My wife received 2 letters from Telecheck about how she owed money. It said the merchant was Amazon, showed the amount and the transaction date. At first, we ignored it. We had never not paid Amazon anything, and it's not by checks. However after 3 straights days of calling., I finally...

Telecheck / Denied me getting an ATM card

Nicole M. H. on Aug 11, 2014

On January 2nd, 2008 my purse was stolen. The guy had my checkbook and wrote several checks. Telecheck notified me on January 14th, 2008 about two checks that had been written and there was no money to cover these expenses because the account was closed. I explained to them about my purse...

Telecheck / Nasty customer service

shallah on Jun 24, 2014

Telecheck has some very nasty people working for them. I went to foodlion in hopewell virignia. i have been writing checks there for months. nothing ever bounced. i went in yetersday and bought 96 dollars worth of food i needed. foodlion runs my check and i get some "verification" denial...

Telecheck / Unfair practice

Carole Kelderman on May 22, 2014

Telecheck has been in a lot of hot water and we need them to take them to task. They have paid 3.5 million recently and we need to have a class action lawsuit by those of us who have been humiliated and denied services and goods due to their unfair practices. My check was denied, I...

Tele Check / Denial of check

Latina1 on Sep 2, 2013

I went to my local market Don Quijote and my check was denied. I shop there once a week and pay by check. I was so embarrassed in line because the tele check operator wanted all my personal information and the store was crowded so everyone could here. Tele Check stated my check number wa...

Telecheck / check denial

pissed byer on Apr 10, 2013

a check was denied by telecheck at a Rite Aid store. I had another check from another bank with me so I used it and it was accepted. When I got home I called the 800 # for telecheck and was told that my first check was denied because of someone with a similar name and account number. I...

Telecheck / check declined

Texan mad as all get out on Dec 29, 2012

three days in a row telecheck has denied my check at walmart??? called first day they said the system has been up dated now and you can continue writing checks, so went back second tI'me and WOW! denied again the second day, waited till band opened and called she offered to three way...

Telecheck / Discrimination

KW Smith on Oct 25, 2012

Businesses should be aware that if they use the Telecheck system, they may be inadvertently discriminating against honest check writers. I am a small business owner and work hard to maintain my financial health. To this end, I keep adequate funds in my account, have never written a bad check...

Telecheck / Bogus Service

Firefighter Anne on Sep 22, 2012

I am 53 years old, have had a checking account for 40 years, haven't bounced a check in 30 years, and today I got denied the ability to write a check for $12.36 to Family Dollar. The reason? Because I wrote two checks to Walmart and one to Walgreens in the last 7 days, totalling le...