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Telecheck / Rip off

1 United States

I wrote a check and it was declined. When I called telecheck, the recording told me I had two checks for $17.63 written on 12/16/02 (they were identical), that were returned. After they gave me two different numbers to call, they finally told me that I had one check on their record. I told them that it was impossible and asked where the check was written. They told me the store, which I knew I did not shop at. I also asked them why there was two checks indicated, they said that there was only one. However, the recording is stating that there are two checks. When they asked me what bank I had, they told me the check was written from a bank I had never heard of. They told me to 'just pay it' and when I refused and explained that they were hurting my check writing, they told me 'no, you are by writing bad checks'. I then asked for a copy of this check and they told me to write a letter and fax it to them requesting a copy of the check. They told me it would take 7-10 days. A month later I called them and they told me they were still 'requesting' the check. They said it was up to the 'company' to get it to me, and they should be getting it to me 'anyday now'. Three weeks after that I called again, and got the same answer. Two weeks again, same answer. To this day, I still have not seen a copy of this check, but still cannot write a check. It soulds to me like this company does these things on purpose to make people pay for things, just to fix the problem.


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