Telebrands / Poor website practices, hidden details

United States

I have ordered two seperate times from Telebrands, the first time, last year near Christmas, my wife began an order, and then changed her mind. She said she never sublmitted the order, however they charged my card anyhow. The second time, the product advertised free shipping, saying it would explain if I continued, when I entered my card info in the blocks and hit continue, it never got to the free shipping explanation. I backed out of the window hoping it would not charge my card, however it did, and I had to pay the shipping, Also, I had a $20.00 gift certificate from Telebrands that I wanted to use, but it never gave me the opportunity. When I finally got the product (about 8 weeks later) imagine my suprise when I discovered the Instabulbs required 4 AAA batteries a piece. Imagine the cost of 16 AAA batteries. They don't telly you this. Bottom line, buy in the local store, it will cost less, and is quicker. The website is what I would consider a ripoff.


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