TeeSpringbreach of contract / false advertising

Alright, so here is my problem with TeeSpring. They have run 1 or more campaigns where they advertise the item as being a "limited edition collectible" - only available to purchase during a limited window of time, only the amount purchased during that window of time would be produced, and no others would be produced ever.

Based on the above, I purchased one of these products, knowing that it would have/maintain/or possibly even increase a bit in inherit value,

Unfortunately, TeeSpring did not end the campaign on the advertised date and allowed orders for at least a day or two past this date. This, in turn, devalued my item and everyone else who participated in this campaign and, in all likelihood, other campaigns as well.

I contacted TeeSpring to advise them that this is a problem as it is a Breach of Contract and also False Advertising under one or more of the following California Codes:

California Business and Professions Code § 17200, § 17500
California Civil Code § 1770

Unfortunately, TeeSpring was neither interesting in resolving this matter with me nor did they seem interested in hearing the above advising that "management is aware of all campaigns".See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in San Francisco, CA

This statement made matters worse - not only am I now a victim of the aforementioned contract breach and false advertising, but now I have been intentionally defrauded by TeeSpring management who was aware that the campaign did not shut down when promised and allowed it to happen anyway.

I have since contacted the FTC ( and the California District Attorney's Office ( to file a complaint against TeeSpring for their fraudulent, deceptive, and illegal business pratices. Additionally, I have received a response from the DA's office advising that they take note of patterns with businesses to explore further and press charges if necessary.

So, if anyone reading this has been similarly affected by TeeSpring's fraud, I would recommend contacting the DA's office as well. You can use the link above or you can email [protected] Here is TeeSpring's information for reference:

Teespring, Inc.
460 Bryant Street Suite 200
San Francisco, CA 94107
Lastly, if this issue remains unresolved, I am strongly considering filing a class-action lawsuit. I have setup this email address for potential parties who would be interested in joining this lawsuit. If you are interested, please email me at: [protected]

Thank You.

Jul 16, 2018

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