TechSkills ITSA programStudents beware.

I am currently attending TechSkills, Indianapolis campus. Director Treg. Let me tell you about my personal experience. I live paycheck to paycheck. When our paycheck comes in we dish out so much just to live, we end up with about $65 for gas, food etc. for the next 2 weeks. the rent is duplex, low income housing, 540. The one car we have is 85 per week buy here pay here. We pay electricity, phone, and internet. Thats it. Might not seem like much to you, but for a guy with a disabled spine who is in the process of a 3 year court appeal, and is "liability" limited at work to only 10 hours per week, this is all we have. We wouldn't eat if it weren't for the fact that we work at a gas station and can get free food that gets wasted out at night.
Our solo jeep's differentials blow out mid 60mph, slamming us down to about 40mph in a 10 foot stretch, then eventually to the side of the road. Pay day is 12 days away.
I am sitting at 22% course completion, with only 11% expiration. being 11% ahead in my school, and utilizing the current Leave of Absence policy, and not having any other way to get to school, I apply for the LOA under extenuating circumstances for 2 weeks, to get the money to start the repairs, get my jeep back, and make it to school. Seems reasonable yes?
Treg calls the next day to deny my LOA saying it doesn't fall under appropriate guidelines. He tells me I have to make another 5 hours or get terminated. How I got there was no concern of his, or any of my instructors.
The very next day, the LOA policy is 'redefined" and extenuating circumstances are no longer a part of it. Now it has become medical/emergency with documented proof. posted all over the home page of my student panel, I decide to pitch a ###. I provide documentation, proving I am truly in need, and TechSkills just adds more insult to injury, by offering a paid bus pass raffle to students who attend on a certain day (remember I can't get there to be a part of this raffle.) Furthermore, they have gone into my past activity panel, and changed my LOA request parameters to make damn sure it seems like I did not meet the requirements, and have no case to prove I did.
All in all, TechSkills is just another company. Sure you might learn a few things here and there and even get certificates to work those fine jobs like tier 1 tech support (in India) but in the end, this company will rape you. Take it from someone who is bleeding $12, 000 from the ###, "Let the buyer beware."

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