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I am a former Instructor of This company is a Certification Mill!

I believe that the PROPER QUALIFIED person WITH EXPERIENCE, can go through a program like this and succeed. I've watched them do it.

What they don't tell you is that out the 20+ persons who start a class, only 3-4 will usually get a job! I've lived it through many of MYCC classes - I've helped to teach. They will not even do you the honor of a graduation program. Your done - Good-by!

I worked with MYCC, I know the Owners "Tony and Richard Galati", "Bill Salada" .

Most of the staff are the Galati Family.

Like many companies they oversell, overcharge, and under deliver. They are focused on sales and not on giving every student the best possible product. They have few scruples and will sell to anyone they can whether qualified or not! They are into defending and justification not reality. They make 1.5 mill per year per training center and get commissions of apx $1000 per student per owner.

Although I know that some of the staff do their best to do what they can. They have sold themselves into believing what they sell. Overall they are working a lie. The marketing misrepresents the market and the job opportunities available and the requirements to qualify. The jobs go to those who have, or can represent some type of experience.

I have seen Kevin help a student take the pre-exam and then have the student get a invalid Grandmother pay for the student loan that the student had no ability to succeed with because of IQ.
-I've seen them miss-represent what they deliver again and again.
-They lie about the job opportunities.
-They lie to your face about the Cost Comparison or twist it so that they hold themselves up against the most expense colleges and universities - or programs.
-They will tell you that their instructors can deliver so much more than possible with ratios of so many students to 1.
-They then use "VERY close to exam" practice tests to assist in getting certified!
-The "Hands-On" is C***. You have NO TIME to get real. The further you get into the courses, the less time they give you for hands-on and the more all you do is memorize test questions..

I warn you that you will feel so overwhelmed, EXTORDED, and in the end, it will still be up to you to find the job, competing against those who have some experience for low pay work.

If the instructor likes you and you have any levels of skill - you may succeed passing exams(Memorizing the Test Questions) but unless you already have some IT background or IT aptitude this program is NOT for you. It comes at you way to fast. OTHERWISE "??" will call you a "Doorknob or a dumbbell" give you the brush off and good luck! It is such a tough world out there. Such a far different attitude then when they are trying to coax you out of your ca$h.

You have to be prepared to do nothing but study for months and then Gamble the $$$$ against a promise that you MAY get a job in this economy.

Sooner or later, they will have blood on their hands. I've seen students go Postal!!!
Hundreds of persons who would love to sue but MYCC has excelled in building a legal defense with cameras, policy you sign into contracts, and instructors that report about attendance, performance about keeping up your studies, participation and so-on. If you are off course of their next to impossible plan, then you have no legal recourse.

Do yourself a favor and go to the local community college for a IT degree, or use "competency based learning"(Google that) and check out this college for THOUSANDS less-For a better career & a better life with less dept without

I recommend that you go get a Microsoft Press IT book - read it to get the basis and then go online to get practice tests - study them until you pass at 90% and then pay for and go take the exams. Cost - Less than a $1000.00 for everything. That is exactly how Tony and every other IT person really succeeded. Regardless either way, YOU STILL have to do all of the hard work.

Please, If you have to work with a group use the community college (they are so much less expensive) and not such a $$$ and a stretch against what is LIFE !!!

Sincerely, your friend! You have now been warned!

Former Employee


  • Sa
    Sam Jockey Nov 15, 2010

    It is the same with Paralegal Certification courses in the sate of North Carolina. You pay huge fees to schools, take the NC BAR Certification Legal Exam and then find out that you can not get a job. The legal industry in NC also discriminates when it comes to hiring practices . If your a cute, blond female under 30 years old who has completed High School and maybe has had some college course or a college degree you will get hired. But if your a well groomed, educated White male over the age of 40 years old you can forget being hired by a law firm. . Lawyers and HR departments of law firms knowingly practice discrimination when it comes to age and sex issues when it comes time to hire for paralegal positions at a law firm.

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  • Br
    [email protected] Feb 21, 2011

    As an executive at, I can only wish that this complainer had the courage to ID himself. The source is suspect because there are only two "former instructors" of MyComputerCareer, and neither lays claim to this post. Nor is it believable that either would behave in this manner. It is also filled with false statements--from the employment ratios to the commission allegations this guy isn't even close! And the idea that an instructor would have "seen" an Admissions Director make false or misleading statements is absurd inasmuch as instructors are not involved in the Admissions process--to say nothing of the fact that misrepresentation of any kind is strictly against our code of conduct. MyComputerCareer is careful to accurately represent the marketplace and create realistic expectations in students. These expectations are routinely fulfilled when students apply themselves and follow the program. Most importantly: About 70% of MyComputerCareer graduates currently are finding IT employment within just a few months of completing the program. And since Career Services support is a LIFETIME commitment, virtually every student who persists in his/her goals will eventually be successful. This is a standard that exceeds any community college or university you can name, and that MyComputerCareer must and will maintain to qualify for accreditation in the private career school space. In fact, other than the suggestion that MyComputerCareer is somehow dishonest or ineffective, the only false expectation raised in this complaint is the assertion by the author that you are more likely to successfully transition into IT from an unrelated field by studying a single Microsoft Press IT book for under $1, 000.

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  • Jm
    jmnich77 Jun 23, 2019

    @[email protected] [email protected], why not identify YOURSELF (fully!)? And why would you insist that this man ID himself if he chooses not to. It appears to me you don’t deny many of the less salient claims he makes, and I DOUBT there are only 2 former instructors throughout your campuses. Stop lying. What would you do to him if he had ID’d himself!? I know a MYCC former student who finished the certificates programs, attended all classes and has a 4.0. And he is NOT lazy or introverted. He can’t find anything. Why are you guys so defensive about bad reviews, anyway? My experience is that if you’re doing an awesome job, the good reviews will just organically drown out the bad ones. The reason they’re not in your case is because of the reasons outlined. MYCC isn’t any better than Trump U. In fact, the Donald probably had more to offer.

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  • Fr
    FromGodsMouth Mar 29, 2011

    MyCC Management only cares about making $$, they could care LESS about the students. No books just .pdf's cheap computers, cheap classroom tables and chairs. if you want something to drink you gotta pay for it. For 25k they should at least supply coffee! Admissions directors should sell cars!! All family owned but NONE have a successful background in IT - SCAM!!!

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  • Ju
    Judgementday Mar 31, 2011

    This is NOT true, you forgot me and at least 3 others plus the Sales, Career Services, and other staff you have worked through.
    I will assert it again that out of 20-25 students who start there are very few who finish, and fewer who get jobs. For the $ spent - you are better off purchasing your own Certification books, computer, exam prep, study group, and put yourself on a plan. Tons less cost, no Debt + High Interest! Check out the Online Training MYCC uses, "ElementK.Com" purchased low like $300-600/student - Re-SOLD as part of their Package for MegBuck$ Go check it out! Buy it yourself... Do it yourself. Either way - you still have to do the work.
    The Value that MYCC provides is to assist you in getting the SalieMae Loan, but you can do that though an accredited college such as: - You with then actually have a college degree that goes with the Certs...that Jobs require. Do your homework!!!

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  • My
    MyCCStudent Aug 19, 2012

    Beware of this school! I recently graduated from this school and I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is in no way worth anywhere near the $20, 000 price tag! They literally just make you sit in class and do c****y labs (which rarely work) and don't actually teach much of anything. These labs can be downloaded online for free! DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS SCHOOL! The instructors just sit in the front of the room on their computers and don't do much of anything! They fail to tell you that a few of the certifications you are supposed to obtain are to be done after you graduate and study at home. The study material they offer for the certifications are VERY POOR as 90% of the stuff is different from what is actually on the exam. The one positive is the career services director. Her name is Shareefah and she works very hard to get the students jobs. But keep in mind, we are talking about c****y help desk jobs making poor money but that's not her fault. She is in my opinion the only one that earns her money at that school. This place should be charging $5000, not 20k!!!

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  • Ki
    King Ding Apr 20, 2013

    I am considering attending the school. The recruiter is gooood. He had me believing that I could make 60k within the year. Maybe I should go to the community college and save 20k but the time to complete the degree will be several years. Still researching...

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  • Jm
    jmnich77 Jun 23, 2019

    @King Ding Don’t do it. You’ll regret it.

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  • Th
    Thisfella Apr 28, 2013

    Been going there 3 months...had 2 job offers and i only have 3 certs. You get out what you put in. Will i be making 60k by the end of the year? I don't know. But what i can tell you is I see DAILY people in class on facebook and other websites not doing the labs, not studying and they don't show up for their flex hours. No, whats on the practice test are not whats on the exams. But when you watch the videos and do the practice test and actually TRY then you can figure out the exams. You may see a question on a cert test you have never head of, but they are multiple choice and if you have learned what 2 or 3 of the answers are you can make the right decision. I do think its overpriced. But on the other hand i could not get this many certs, or even if you say the certs are useless, i could not get this much information at a community college in this short amount of time. In 3 months i KNOW i have learned more than what someone at a local college has learned, it takes 3 months to get through 1 semester and if you have to work a 40hr week like i do to support a family there is NO WAY your getting through community college. I looked into it, yes it is a LOT CHEAPER but i would have only been able to attend 1 class a semester, that means to get all these certs it would have been 10 semesters. Assuming the classes at the local college are offered during the summer semesters, and most aren't your talking 2.5 years...and no certs. Are you going to walk out of here knowing everything you will ever need to know about IT... absolutely NOT but may i remind you even after a doctor does 8-12 years of college he or she still has to get a job at a training hospital and learn hands on called a resident i believe. So i guess it depends on what your expecting, i think people expect to come here, sit down, and be imbued with the knowledge..don't work that way bud. You gotta study your butt off and push yourself, if you do the minimum then you will likely get out the minimum. My first job after 3 months is salary, m-f, 8-5, health paid. Its about what i was making at my last job, but the difference is it took me almost a decade at my last job to get to this pay and now i am starting off at this pay...

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  • Jm
    jmnich77 Jun 23, 2019

    @Thisfella I would not at all be surprised at all if you’re an admissions officer of MYCC or otherwise an employee of MYCC. If you think they’re not monitoring these sites, creating false identities to reply to claims, you’re out to lunch. But if you’re not, good on you. It was five years ago when you wrote this. Let me guess, you’re the Chief Information Officer now?

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  • Ps
    psmeby May 08, 2013

    I think the complaints are valid as there is no screening process when trying to enter the school. If you can get the loan, you will be accepted. They will oversell, and unless you use all the resources available to you, they will ultimately under deliver. You can expect to make between 10 - 15 dollars an hour starting in your first job, but it is a vice of the industry not the school.

    That being said, the objective of the school is to help people get jobs as quickly as possible so they can start gaining experience. The real value of the school is having instructors with real-world experience and life-long access to career services. As with all careers there is a career ladder and when you switch you will start at the bottom. The fact that this has to be explained indicates a problem with expectations. In reality you are competing against thousands of qualified applicants for entry into the computer field, and MyComputerCareer can greatly enhance your ability to be competitive in the looking for and getting a job.

    So if you are considering MyComputerCareer please consider the following things, one, the program is designed to get you working quickly in a wide range of IT related fields (it is ultimately how much you know how to do that will determine which jobs you actually get). Two, after completing the course you are most likely not going to be earning 60K a year and your student loans are going to cost about $400 a month. Three, a majority of the students don't get all the certifications offered as you only have two months after graduation to take the certification tests for free. Four, you will need to continue studying into the future to move up the career ladder, and MyComputerCareer will be there to help you along the way.

    I am still taking certifications test at the school as I just completed my Security+, and the career services is able to take my new skills and help me get my resume to potential employers. The instructors have helped me develop a career path for me once I graduated to give me guidance on how to proceed in the industry, and what I can honestly say is that I am about 5 to 6 years ahead of those who did it by themselves.

    There are places which are cheaper and better (trainsignal(dot)com), but it ultimately depends on the person. I am glad that I chose MyComputerCareer, but I admit there are may that don't make it though the program. Be an objective skeptic when looking into this school.

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  • Un
    untred6404 Dec 13, 2013

    I was also thinking of attending this school. I am educated with two undergraduate degree and licensed to sell both real estate and insurance in Texas - I'm no country bumpkin. The recuiters are cute and the placement director is a sharp tongued-devil. He will say what it takes to get you to sign on and spend the $20, 000. I asked for 3-8 student contact numbers so I could query them as to their experiences there at the school. At first the recruiter agreed but then started to hem-haw around and then totally backed out of her commitment to provide the student references. These guys are too slick for me. Where there is smoke there is fire. There is too much c*** on the web about these type schools and this one in particular. RUN WHILE YOU CAN and SAVE your hard earned money.

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  • Jm
    jmnich77 Jun 23, 2019

    @untred6404 That was very smart of you to do. I went on a “tour, ” and I met one or two students, and I could tell they’d been programmed about what to say. I didn’t want to talk to kids who had been brainwashed or were being paid to say the right thing, that’s an awesome idea, find some kids on LinkedIn and just message them and ask them.

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  • Da
    Dan21 Jan 28, 2014

    Watch this YouTube video about the school and Certs. It will clear up a lot for you.

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  • Ab
    Abetterlife1 Apr 20, 2014

    I agree with the instructor 100%. I graduated a while ago and received some certifications. Some of the certificates are easy such as the MTAs but they don't help you all. I have seen students failing exams one after another. MTAs can be taken many time while CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, 70-640, 70-642, 70-646, and 70-680 can be taken twice. If students have to retake them, they will be charged again. I have seen that accept a drunk person and then later kicked off the premises. Computers are not for everyone, but tells every potential person walking through the door that they are so smart and that they can do it resulting in people without any certifications at all. THEY SEE YOU AS A WALKING DOLLAR SIGN. I do disagree with the instructor stating that is a certification mill. In order, to be a certification mill, students will end up with the promised certifications which does not happen. I attended for 11 month and have not met any student passing the harder exams even the instructors fail their exams. IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY. Labs don't work, wireless doesn't works sometimes, books as downloaded as .pdf files. Remember, instructor who can't fix their your network, will be teaching you. Wonder if they have the permission to copy this books by the Author. DreamSparks is a Microsoft website that students have 2 years membership which provides software, free of charge but only for 2 years and colleges offer the same membership but up to 3 years. Students are directed to temporary agencies for jobs paying as little as $8.00 an hour. Before you sign the contract, read the terms. If you cancel the first week, you are subject to pay 25 % of the tuition, second week 50 %, third week 75% and fourth week, you are SOL. If you get FAFSA assistance, you have to complete at least 60 %, otherwise it needs to be paid back. With this all said, certification mills like might be beneficial for professional seeking certification, but for an experienced person, it is a HOAX and waste of money. Another thing, before you sign, please look at the job description for Network Administrators and Server Administrators. Most of the job require knowledge of programming, HTML, web server experience, cisco experience and of course a Bachelor Degree and years of experience. Don't get blindfolded by the EMPTY PROMISES and HOPES for a better life. Otherwise, you will have a life with a piece of paper that is worth nothing and a high balance on your student loans. Better believe, that I regret my decision by signing up for the program and I am embarrassed to even mention on my resume. Whatever Bruce said about his company is just to make things right. The career services is a JOKE. They did my resume with many mistakes and an insult to send to companies. An on-line course would have been much better and cheaper such as WWW.QUICKCERT.COM. Diane Cunnigham is a very nice person and they alos offer individual classes for a fraction of what would cost you.

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  • Fo
    Former Student Feb 17, 2015

    I graduated from "MyCC". During the 8 months there, we were crammed with so much study material and so little time. Plus, the guidance and advice in how you should go about your career goals is completely absent. I worked my a** off in there. I have no experience in the IT world and I had no idea that it was impossible to get most of the certifications before you would have to start paying for the testing and on line studying source (approximately 11 months total). I am so discouraged and I feel like I have been robbed. I spent so much time studying the first certification (which is useless in the IT world unbeknownst to me) that by the time I got it, I was already a few weeks into the next class and so the snowball effect began instantly. It wasn't until I left and began looking for work that I realized my best bet was to pinpoint one particular area of certifications and obtain that set that will help you land a job. For instance, I obtained my A+, NET+, and MCSE. What I should have done is obtain maybe MCSE, Windows Server, and Active Directory so I could confidently handle an interview for a more tailored job. BUT, you don't know that while you are deep in the pressure of taking the exams. And yes, they pressure you at the end of each class (around 5 weeks each). They tell you you are behind and need to get the certs. or you will never catch up. They are right, but they never counsel you as I suggested. As for the material? It is all about learning the practice questions. You want to learn substance, you think you are learning substantive material, but once you go into the real world and take tests for jobs and phone interviews with technical questions, you eventually realize that it is not your fault, your not some kind of ### that didn't absorb anything, you have been rushed in and out so the next 20k can walk in the door.

    Job placement? Where? I have sent numerous emails requesting job leads. If I don't contact Shareefah I don't hear from Shareefah. I made an appointment with her a few months after I had no luck on my own and she "penciled" me in on a day and time that worked for both of us. I arrived 20 minutes early, waited over an hour for her to finish another meeting with a student and when she came out she asked me if I was waiting for her. I reminded her that she told me she wrote the appointment down, she said she must have forgotten to put it in the appointment book and so I had to wait for her to finish with the other student she put in my slot! Over another hour goes by before I go in. I had my resume picked at and then as I was discussing my situation and concerns she was falling asleep right in front of me! Fast forward about another month and no such luck getting a job so I call her again to come in but she says I don't need to come in each time, we can just discuss it via email and she'll do what she can. The result of that is unless I email her she NEVER let's me know about jobs she comes across. And when she does respond she purposely drags her response out so that current students get a head start on a lead. For instance, I will email her in the morning asking about any other jobs and if she has been sharing my resume, I won't hear back from her until the afternoon right before she goes home and she barely gives me any information like: "such and such company is hiring right now, I will send you the link." WHY CAN'T YOU JUST SEND ME THE LINK IN THAT EMAIL AND WHY DID IT TAKE ALL DAY TO RESPOND! The next day I still won't hear from her so I ask for the link and she finally sends it in the afternoon and is disrespectful enough to simply forward me the email she sent current students two days prior. Or another example would be again I have to reach out to her, a whole day goes by and she asks me if I would like to meet up with so and so to discuss my job aspirations? I say of course but who is this person, where are they located, and what is their number and what is the job pertaining to so I can review material and hopefully look like I learned something? She never responded so I emailed her the next day and got an automated response saying she is on vacation for three days but will periodically check emails. I let her know how she left me in the dark again but she still doesn't respond until she comes back from her vacation and all she has for me is that she thought the person was going to contact me. She thinks I am stupid. I may be naive and trusting but I am not stupid!

    It is a calculated scam! I feel like such a fool. I thought I was making a good, sound decision for a career path, especially in Raleigh, NC where there are supposedly so many opportunities in IT. So far, I have been turned down because of no experience, they want a BS degree from an accredited school, or many of the questions are more in depth than anything MYCC has ever even covered. The jobs she comes across are geared towards students currently in training so that the employers can low-ball their offers. I wouldn't be surprised if Shareefah gets a kick back. The instructors are like a revolving door and they don't care about you the further along you get in the course.

    Here I am without a job, I have a family that needs me, and I am carrying certifications that I worked so hard for but apparently mean nothing on their own and/or coming from a certification mill like MYCC. If ever there was a chance for a class-action lawsuit I would run to sign my name up as a plaintiff. I don't want to hear that you get what you put into it because I gave it my all. Studying for hours and hours. There is no way you can possibly achieve everything they ask of you in 5 weeks (and that is while you are in that class learning about it) to study for a certification that normally takes 8-12 months and leave you with much of any substance. Just think about it. 2 certifications every 5 weeks and that is while you are in the class learning about it? How much do you think is going to stick and how can anyone expect prospective employers to pay you a respectable salary coming out of that environment-especially if you have no prior experience and/or a 4 year degree?

    They know all this going in, they just prance around it so that when the slap in the face reality gives you afterwards is hopefully far enough away that you just give up. Email Shareefah, I'm sure she'll answer you eventually, partially...

    Now what do I do? My family relies on me and they are getting rich.

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  • Jm
    jmnich77 Jun 23, 2019

    @Former Student Shareefah isn’t qualified to be a dogcatcher. But she’s truly representative of the kind of person they have working there. What a hair brained c***

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  • Fo
    Former Student Feb 18, 2015

    I totally agree. I graduated in 2014 and I am having a hard time getting a job because of no experience and I don't have a degree from an accredited 4 year college. The certs on their own do not get you that far. The jobs fulfillment is insulting. I have to beg to get a response and when I do Shareefah purposely drags her feet in giving me information on a lead so that students currently in school can get the job at a very low rate. Is there some kind of kick-back? I don't know but I do know she doesn't even hide her tactics well. As for the instructors, I had one that I thought was worth his salt in knowledge AND concern for the students. They are like a revolving door in their though and he is gone like two other instructors I saw disappear while I was there. They over sell and under deliver on EVERYTHING. I can only hope there is a class-action lawsuit eventually. I feel duped and scammed.

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  • Cs
    csterling May 15, 2015

    I fully agree with it all they prom is jobs and labs during class and this and that I joins the school because the instructor was mice during the interview and so was the rest of the staff they all promised the same stuff tones of labs and hands on material.. I got in on the part time class and I tell you want its not part time at all my class schedual was ahead of the full time class wr never did a single lab it was always just sit there wile the instructor would go over a power point presentation then watch cram master then do all the home work by the end of 801 not a single person was ready to take the test and we already started into 802 and was the same when we started networking not a single soul in my class had 802 when we started it. I study like a mofo for the 801 cert when I finally got all the stuff done needed to take it and failed it cause just about everything we cover in class and on cram master wasn't even on the damn exam. So I got mad 😠 time them I want to withdraw from the program that i thought it was a joke and wasn't getting anywerr with it and they told me that it would 8, 700 to with draw from the prob I asked how the hell is it so much they told me its because of the registration fees instructors fees and all the time spent hello I was only there just barly three months seems a lil fd up to me being that much only there such a short amount of time

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  • Ke
    KempC May 16, 2015

    The complaints are all legitimate. I went there and I can say they are telling you the truth. The instructor, Bob, spent most of his time going out and smoking cigarettes and talking to a former student who was his friend and he got hired to help but they just talked all the time. The hands on was a joke and you cannot learn Cisco from 3 weeks instruction for 4 hours a week to get a CCNA. I recently took the test they want you to take and intentionally missed all the questions. This is the response I got on an email:
    Thank you for visiting and taking the Free Career Evaluation. Your scores on the evaluation were excellent!

    I'd love to speak with you to give you your scores and congratulate you personally. Unfortunately, I have been unable to reach you.

    Would you kindly call me at (614) 569-4326 or reply to this email with the best phone number to reach you and a good time of day to call? I'd love to visit with you briefly about your evaluation scores and to see how we can assist you in achieving your career goals.

    Does that sound like someone trying to make money or what? I failed 100% but she said I did excellent.

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  • Ke
    KempC May 16, 2015

    They have people that just comb the web to counterattack what the truth is. If they were so confident then they shouldn't have to do that? They pay the people to be in the commercials. I know one of the people.

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  • Ke
    KempC May 16, 2015

    It is mostly a family business. Galati's. Two brothers and a sister and another guy that own the business.

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  • Ke
    KempC May 16, 2015

    They will say something like you never complained before or it seems like you didn't attend class all the time and they keep records and hire good lawyers to protect themselves. Don't go there.

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  • Ke
    KempC May 22, 2018


    They have a full time worker who tries to dispute the truth.

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  • Tx
    txmale4969 Jul 13, 2015

    ive some of the above posters have talked about first hand. I go in and talk to admissions and she tells me about the program then I tell her I have a few certifications already. she tells me my mcp certification is out of date since I took it when xp was out. I tell her I have a+ and network + she makes a phone call and person on other end tells her and then tells me I would have to "test out" of those two courses to get any kind of discount on the package she was offering me. so in short the school is all about profit and don't give a crap about the students. mycomputercareer bought techskills where I got my certifications to begin with.

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  • Mo
    Mogotee Jul 29, 2015

    It's too bad about all the negative posts here. I think the common misconception is people think that going to school and getting a high paying job will be easy as walking in the door. Going to school, any school, not just this one, requires hard work and commitment. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

    Yes, I am currently a student here, and i'd say about 25% of my classmates walk in and fee entitled to the highest paying job out there before putting in any of the work. The truth is, if you have a bad attitude about school, chances are good that you will have that same bad attitude when you get a job. Always feeling like you deserve more, without doing any of the work to earn it, and then blame everyone else for holding you back. I'm guessing the bad posts here are former students with similar attitudes.

    Yes, they will let anyone come in who can pay. Why wouldn't they? It's there job to lead you to water, it's your job to drink it. If you feel you can obtain success by picking up a book then taking the test, good luck to you sir. You are clearly better than 90% of the U.S. population and shouldn't be wasting your time spitting sour grapes on this website.

    I can safely say that I was not mislead in anyway. But I went in with an open mind and asked questions about things that were important to me. If you are happy in your dead end job for low pay (the reason you looked into this school anyway), then enjoy yourself. The world need ditch diggers...

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  • So
    SoftwareEngineer Sep 29, 2015

    I have a Bachelors degree from an actual accredited University. I've been working in the field for over 25 years. I've heard the ads for My Computer Career on the radio and I can guarantee you that you can't learn enough about the field in the 2-3 months that they claim that will land you a position. Hiring managers are savvy to these diploma mills and simple don't even look at the resumes from these candidates, they go right in the trash. If you want a career in computer science, then go to an accredited college or university preferably one with IEEE accreditation.

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  • Da
    DallasOTG Oct 29, 2015

    Look, if you don't believe what the original poster is saying or the replies regarding certifications and such, ask someone you know that's in the IT field or make a post on Facebook. They'll tell you that training centers are not going to prepare you for the real world if you have no experience. There is no magic feather that will help you learn this stuff, you have to do it and show initiative. Think about the cost and how long it's going to take you to pay that back. You'll ruin your credit for years, the snowball effect can be suffocating.

    Before you enroll in a place like this, just do your research. Don't get bullied by an admissions person or talked into it.

    0 Votes
  • Ar
    Arroyo Feb 05, 2016

    As a current student and soon-to-be graduate, I have to put my input in as well:

    Yes this is an expensive program and chances are it's a fraction of the price if you just study on your own and take the test on your own. It's a business just like anything else. Every business primary purpose is to get money


    Think of what you are paying for: Multiple times to take certs, the structure, the environment, the instructors, a lifetime career services department, etc. It's a great structure when you are someone starting out like me

    Nobody starts off at the top. You have to make your way up from that $15 and our job IF you are willing to put in the work. A lot of people who are complaining are probably those who just sat around in class probably on YouTube or Facebook and then sit back and wonder why they can't find a job. If you can't pay attention in class, how's any job going to consider you?

    I came into the program with NO experience in computers. 2 1/2 months later I landed a job thanks to MyCC. For all of you complaining about the money or the structure of the program, you should have done your research first. Blame yourself if you didn't know what you were getting into.

    0 Votes
  • Mo
    Moejj Mar 17, 2016

    Reality check for the clueless. If you are changing careers, and pursue technical training and achieve multiple certifications - you are still entry level. You have no real world experience. You have to pay the piper like everyone else, earn your stripes. For the comment about grads only getting help desk jobs, that is not a bad place to start. First job in IT, you are NOT going to be hired as a sysadmin. Break into the field, work the help-desk, develop your troubleshooting skills and rapport with customers/end-users. Get a year in, THEN get out there and get another IT job. You'll have IT experience, you'll have recognized certifications you will be suited for a good position. To have unrealistic expectations, then blame it on the school is ridiculous.

    -2 Votes
  • Me
    Megan Denman Apr 18, 2016

    I expressed interest in and then got a phone calls and email every day for 2 months after, even when I told them I wasn't interested anymore . This company is stupid and infuriating in my opinion, just for that reason alone.

    -1 Votes
  • Ex
    Ex-Flex May 13, 2016

    BEWARE! I too am a former Instructor of This company is a Certification Mill and not a good one! They say they provide 15 certifications within their program; however, most leave with 3 or less. ($19997 for 3 certs is insane)

    Unless you already have extensive IT knowledge, you will struggle with little to no real help (they just stress clocking in/out-not valuable assistance)

    What they don't tell you is that out the 20+ persons who start a class, only 3-4 will usually get a job! And may of those get help desk jobs making $14/hr. I've heard from way too many students about the disappointment of not earning what was promised during the consultation (sales pitch-like used car salesman).

    I worked with MYCC, I know the executives "Tony Galati and Amy Onuska (Tony's sister)". Don't cross Amy!

    Most of the staff are Galati Family members who 'push down' all their work to the non-family staff members. Galati family members show up late, take long lunches, naps at their desks, leave after 6-7 hours, then have you fired if you 'turn them in'.

    Like another former employee stated, they oversell, overcharge, and under deliver. They continue to focus wholly on sales and not student success. They have few scruples and will sell to anyone they can whether qualified or not! They are not selling anything you cannot get less expensive elsewhere (check out New Horizons!-they do better job for less). They make a fortune per training center while selling their 'lifetime career services' which is actually just an introduction to a recruiter. Set up LinkedIn account and you'll meet your own IT recruiters. They say they provide resume writing, but those writing have never hired IT, nor have IT experience. They just use a generic template.

    Although I know that some of the staff do their best to do what they can. They have sold themselves into believing that they are changing lives. Overall they are selling a 'bait and switch', then tell the students their failure is due to their own lack of effort. Their marketing misrepresents the job market and opportunities available. The jobs go to those who have, or can represent some type of experience. No experience, no job (maybe $12/hr help desk)

    They require co-signers for student loans. This is a huge flag and demonstrates that they do not believe in their own product delivering $60, 000/yr job as they promise.
    -I've seen them miss-represent what they deliver, even lie about the cost comparison as they hold themselves up to the 'best' colleges and universities.

    If you want to pay $20, 000 for someone to read and quiz you on past exams, I'm sure you can find great tutors at Kumon or Tutor Doctor for much less.

    Sooner or later, ACCET or State Department of Higher Education will actually review their 'lack of curriculum' and sales tactics and shut them down. In the meantime, you've been warned.

    Do yourself a favor and go to New Horizons or your local community college for a IT degree, or use "competency based learning"(Google that-suggested by another here and works) -For a better career & a better life with less debt without

    3 Votes
  • Jo
    Joseph Cokonougher Aug 06, 2016

    I went to the Houston Campus. I am not at all impressed with this school and regret ever spending the money to go. I have experience in the IT profession and thought the certifications would help me get a better job. I couldn't have been more wrong. The only interviews I had were ones I got on my own, The staff at MYCC career services never helped in any way. The only job leads they send are crap and maybe remotely related to IT if at all. They have all these requirements for you to be eligible for career services but none of it actually prepares you for interviewing, The only things these certifications are good for is toilet paper. I have a degree and still can't find a decent paying job. I've given up trying and took a job in another field, Thanks for wasting my time MYCC.

    3 Votes
  • Ce
    CeCeBDmntd Nov 22, 2016

    If you call forwarding Indeed and Monster job posts that you could search on your own, many not even actual IT positions "Career Services" I suppose they have a Career Services department.

    1 Votes
  • My
    Mycomputercareer victim Aug 24, 2017

    We paid full price ( my husband and I) and enrolled this so called IT school. I have a two degrees from a foreign country.

    You won't realize this is a scam until you attend other schools later, and nowadays I believe there are quite amount of liars in the U.S.
    It is run by a family, so literally staff's cannot make a mistake.
    I was excited because my dream of attending the same class with my husband has become true regardless it is not a decent school to boast. They messed up my financial aid, so we were told to pay back the navy GI BILL and the financial aid. Why and HOW?
    Somehow the financial adviser had missed inputting my highest degree, and this was not found out until we needed to withdraw school to relocate to FL. Another B intervened, and I feel she wanted to impress the owner, so she reported this to the owner.
    The adviser S who messed up my application denied her mistakes and refused to give me the electronics I had paid for because we had to relocate. She was just promoted as a campus director, and the fired because of my case. I don't see teamwork but a MLM as the mormon is selling about Nuskin in China. They advertise to help others, charitable cases. It is all a show because my family was brain washed to sell the product.

    Back to MyCC
    My husband ended up making friend with one of the MYCC instructors, and he left MYCC not long after we withdrew. The constant firing and hiring of the staff phenomenon can tell you that they only care about their family members; they don't care about the employees who work hard but not related to them. How do we expect the owner to care about whether you get a job or not?

    Empty your pocket asap.
    What I learned from this expensive lesson besides donating to a scam business, I wonder why the heck they are still approved? I have come to this country to see a clean non-corrupting world, but things are not so angelic. Do not take the strangers' words seriously, and do the research on the Internet, and go to an accredited university, you will find that this school is a shame to your resume (We did not even put this on the resume). There are other schools out there use prestigious universities name to scam, watch out for those too.

    Be realistic
    If anyone tells you that you are guaranteed to make 60K right after graduation from this school, or you will be a millionaire in 3-4 years as nuskin MLM claims to be. Please be aware that you have not seen their bank account yet, do not believe easy money.
    We stay in touch with a couple classmates after we moved: they both have IT background; unfortunately, they are still looking for a job after 2 years.

    The job career they offered is an act of hoax. I had tried to contact some of the employers via email. They seem to be paid to show up and make MYCC look big. After knowing my educational background, one of the personnel at the job career even tried to tell me I belong to a higher and real university.

    If the government issues their license to officially scam innocent people, they will always find victims. They make you feel so good about yourself until you sign the contract, and then they move on to next victim hunting. Many people paid big prices for the lesson, and they wish others would listen to their honest opinion.

    Go to community college or a university, which will cost you much less than MYCC. Do not listen to some of the MYCC paid bloggers; you are warned.

    1 Votes
  • Ne
    Neutrinocat Oct 14, 2017

    You people who have been taken advantage of by these cheating shyster's need to share information with each other, hire a nasty lawyer then go after them in a class action lawsuit, the more aggrieved former students you have the better your chance of prevailing...

    1 Votes
  • An
    AnonXXY Jun 27, 2019

    I have several reasons why I now dislike this school and wish I had gone to a university or community college...

    I've been attending the Houston campus since last November and it was a very pleasant environment that had all types of people come in with the hope to gain certs to get a good start for IT. Instructors would work with you and was understanding of people's situations, illnesses, disabilities, etc. The staff personnel at the front was professional non-judgemental and prompt.
    Ever since the daughter of the Career services director came in and another new staff member came in it has been hostile. She is disrespectful, unprofessional, creates drama and is arrogant. Constantly stares at people with a nasty look this has happened to my friend, me and others but, she's the daughter and is untouchable.
    While this can literally happen anywhere, the other staff members don't bat an eye to these mannerisms yet, talk about how to be 'professional'.
    But this is minor to...
    The learning material.
    While the material itself isn't bad, as others had stated IT IS MEMORIZATION. You can't actually learn Networking plus, Cisco, Ethical Hacking in a month...that's insane and unrealistic unless you have experience or have been learning it for a while but, starting ground zero? I understand that they need to have bodies in class for Financial Aid but, as someone so bluntly stated in one of my classes, YOU ARE READING FROM POWERPOINT. It's just water-down information I was told there would be books but, there is none except for.PDF files that THEY CHOOSE and it's not even the important ones (i.e Net+) at that. The post-assessment, tests, and exams are nonsense that doesn't encourage critical thinking skills all you have to do is memorize the answer and be done with it. Guess what? An easy A+. (Something that would never fly at an actual school)
    Hands-on is not physical but, virtual and that I do understand. BUT as someone mentioned when you have your head deep in the insufferable tests, quizzes, etc you barely have enough time for that! Taking notes, going to other educational sites to enhance learning so you can fully comprehend the material is frowned upon, in fact, you are singled out for doing 'too much'. Be it by some of the instructors or the head-up-their-*** students who think by having all certs including some b.s ones such as World Class IT Professional (This is their shit, never heard of it before) who end up working in unethical companies (Look up CSAT Solutions.) making terrible wages telling the ones who catch their ****, "You don't need a degree or experience they will TRAIN you." (This is for any IT job but, mostly for system admin they oddly push like crazy)
    This is a lie, I've seen many cybersecurity internships and jobs that WANT a degree even without experience. I had a technical recruiter that I was doing a phone interview for Desktop Engineer told me you needed REAL WORLD experience. MYCC says we have real-world applications for that but, it's not good enough. Seriously, just as someone said before LOOK AT WHAT SYSTEM ADMINS REQUIRE.
    Speaking of work let's get this out of the way: It's true you can get a job in little as four months but, with a heavy heavy price. If you don't finish up to a certain point of the program be prepared to pay that **** back! Career services director and instructors push getting a job asap despite being in school and just getting started. Like, "You have two certs now you can take on the world." With zero experience. Again, the companies they recruit are some of the dodgiest companies I had ever heard of where you will get treated like crap beyond belief. The instructors know which ones are dog**** and some will tell you and others will not.
    MTA certs don't get you anywhere in IT, those are just saying you know what a server is and it's function, or what Active Directory is, or basic security. It's not being asked by companies compared to CompTIA. I wouldn't say the MTA are useless they are good introductory but, that's not a heavy hitter as what MyCC claims to be.
    Now for the final battle...
    MyCC versus University/Community Colleges

    They constantly talk about how much better they are than an actual institute all the time! How they focus one-on-one with students, get real-world experienced and how the employers value us. Not necessarily true, no one legitimate knows what or who that school is except for scandalous companies with an insane amount of high turnover rate, not the decent ones.
    They say community colleges and universities don't really care about the student's success or help them for a lifetime. NOT. TRUE.
    I've been to an actual school years ago and there ARE CAREER SERVICES, COUNSELING SERVICES, AID you have to FIND IT. The thing is with those places you need to take a step and drop the tough persona pride like so many people as of lately enrolling into MyCC come into. No one is going to baby you give you candy for 'participation' points. You go there with a problem and seek help CONDUCT YOURSELF AS A MATURE ADULT. Meaning you don't go to class acting like entitled brats because someone doesn't give you praise up and down for being there, make constant sexual jokes in the middle of a lecture (which one blatantly ignored), act hostile for not playing in your immature conversations or games, ask disrespectful questions to staff which would be considered problematic.

    The only people I feel sorry for are the students who came from interesting backgrounds looking for a change, being deluded (included myself)how it's more hands-on and how they are SO connected to so many IT companies. Some people had placed their entire hopes of making a great career based on interest, or passion only to be played. I've seen people breakdown, raged and quit - not because the whole "oh, they were lazy and didn't put in the work" but, how dysfunctional everything is. Sure there are SOME people who manage to get every single cert with the nice score - but, as I mentioned they go into some IT company the school approves of and they end up leaving...over and over again. I've was told about it by a former coworker who is a student at MyCC and heard about it from other students.
    If you decided to come to know exactly what you are getting into. If you must please stay away from night classes (especially the higher on certs) they are atrocious. It's short slides with glossed over terminology lecture that you can read at HOME. The rest of the two hours are "flex" time in day time it's 7 hours long and it's by far more structured and taken seriously. Most of the students at night only care about playing around and gossiping.
    The entire program is around 22k for at least 11 certs (for ITSA program) which most of them are not so helpful (although you have 3 chances to take them). CompTIA, CCNA and heavy-hitters are worth it but, if I had to redo it I would take a book, online course and save and pay for the test while doing an undergraduate degree.
    They will tell you what you want to hear and if you challenge their status quo of "you need degree or experience" it's immediately shot down and not recognized the same **** thing when career counselor told a gentleman how all jobs say "Jobs will work with your school schedule, they just say that." when in reality that's not true. I've experienced it when working part-time. Jobs want your time dedicated to them when you're hired, most of the time you have to work around your job to go to school.
    Don't believe the "survivor bias" stories of "I was once working in construction...or...I was trying to support a family..." it's the same generic script of someone who's a good person trying to make ends meet not having a way out. But then they came to MyCC and they make 60k a year, some people work overseas, EVEN NASA!
    If that's so then where are they? How come those same "students" never talk about their experiences...?

    1 Votes

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