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Complaints & Reviews

Deceptive selling practices

Well after a very hard sell to my general requst for information, I was sold thinking that this was going to...


This isn't even a complaint at all.

For all of you that went to techskills...Techskills itself is NOT a scam completely.It depends on which one you went to.I know that sounds pretty bad but I was a student there and i became A+ certified(IT Technican) and am nearly N+ certified.

How could i become A+ certified if the schools are a "scam"?How could i have fixed a plethora of computer problems(even ones that the Geek Squad out of Best Buy couldn't even fix)?

Honestly, the campus in Brookfield, Wisconsin is the best campus to go to(and is the one i went to myself).Most of the other ones are definitly terrible.

I never had any problems with instructors or really any problems at all.It depends on how each campus is run and just because one campus is bad doesn't mean the other 31 are as well.

You have to check out each campus individually rather than looking it as a whole.

  • Ca
    Carlos May 29, 2009

    I agree with you. I enrolled in the 5 months- take as many as you can- enrollment plan and so far I certified with Comptia A+, Security+, Microsoft certified Profesional Xp and Finishing MCSA 70-290 to then move on to 70-291 and completemy 5 months contract. To me it was worth the money, but, If you dont want to put the time then it is your ###ing problem. Dont complaint

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  • Tr
    tre_80 Jul 24, 2009

    To the OP: I'm just curious how long you were there. A+ and part of the way to a Net+ means you passed two tests. Did you take the certification courses individually or were you signed up for a specific amount of time? Also, let's be clear about something. Being able to get one cert does not mean that TechSkills hasn't ripped people off. I'm definitely not knocking the fact that you only got one cert. That's one more cert than you had before you started, so kudos to you. But let's not confuse being able to solve a problem that the Geek Squad couldn't figure out with good, solid computer training.

    To Carlos: Congrats on your certs. Sounds like you had a good experience and a great environment to learn in. Not everyone has gotten the same results. Now, I agree that some people may have failed to flourish at TechSkills because of their own lack of motivation. But others were promised one type of learning environment while delivered something else. Your success does not rule out the existence of problems. Again, congratulations on your certs!

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  • Tr
    transcriber med Oct 15, 2009

    The OP is right on here. The people on this board complaining are likely the bottom feeders of society. I studied hard and had great success. The fact that you are on a board trashing the school I went to is crazy to me. You should see if you can have a specialist fill in the chip you have before you crack in half.

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school is terrible

I wish I had read the complaints on this site or any site about this school. It's a waste of money and...

Enrollment Practices

I am writing to inform others about Techskills' deceptive enrollment practices that ended up costing me...


Add my name to the list of unhappy consumers who was dumb enought to try TechSkills. I went to school exactly...

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taken advantage of

I took on the course and was sold a $8000. package this was a career change opportunity i took on. i was sold...

false certifications

I received a CMT certification after completing the medical transcription course through Techskills and...

Misrepresentation of services

I was given a one-time opportunity by the Tampa Bay Workforce Alliance (TBWA) to re-train for an in-demand...

Bad, bad, school

DO not, I repeat, DO NOT go to Techskills. This is a mickey mouse training center that does not support its students. It is supposed to be medical training (highly inadequate - very little hands-on, no internships or externships, instructors who resent their students for taking up their time), AND it is also supposed to be an IT school, but interestingly, there are CONSTANT IT problems. Since students are supposed to be able to "study" at home using on-line computer programs, it makes things very difficult when the on-line programs don't work. Need help? Well, just call the 800 number and get a recorded message saying someone cannot help you. If you are young, skip this, go to a community college and get an associate degree in Health Information Management. If you are older with some experience, don't let Techskills sales people convince you that you will get a better job after Techskills - you won't. Also please note that half the time, they don't have the books you need - "they are 'on order' or the equipment you need (fresh out, sorry). Please, please, please read the fine print, talk to people that go there who know the truth -- find a REAL school. I spent six grand for nothing.

  • Ca
    Carlos May 29, 2009

    hmmm. thats weird. I am going to the orlando fl campus and we do hae several rooms design for an specific training. I dont know about the nursing one . but the IT one is really good. So far I have several certs with them and I am finishing the MCSA, now, I have learned a whole lot from active directory to everything I need to know as far as permissions and so forth. maybe the one you went to was that bad, but no the one in orlando. thrust me

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  • Po
    pocodulce Jan 14, 2010

    I agree with Castlewench! I struggled with trying to basically educate myself for more than it would have cost at a regular community college. It took me five years to pay off the student loan. I had to work more at my low paying job just to pay this loan off which took any of my "extra time" that I could've used at a better school. Sure they have deferments but you have to be nearly destitute to qualify. I had to get on with my life. Too bad for me. After I was roped into this program I met 4 other people who also suffered my fate.

    Techskills, as well as other "for profit" schools do not have to prove results with student success statistics to qualify for government loan programs. They do not have to certify a single student!

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  • Ti
    Tiffanyprtslc Mar 15, 2010

    You bash on a School that has an 80% pass rate. If you are having a problem you should look in the mirror.

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  • Li
    Libby2008 Feb 09, 2012

    As a former student, I know that their online courses aren't housed at the location. So when they do not work, there is nothing that they can do. That's probably why they directed you to the main number. Yeah, it was an IT school first, so most of the IT mentors haven't a clue about the Healthcare training.

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Predators of a Modern Consumer Society

I should begin with this disclaimer, I made the decision to sign the contracts under my own discretion and...

No help at all!

In my first initial meeting with the one of the schools "sales" people, he told me that medical coding wa...

Poor computer support!

I needed computer help and they just blew me off. TechSkills is really an IT school that is trying to cash in...

Course setup and over selling

Techskils is a cram course that is not setup well at all. They use many different computer based training tools and text books to teach you your subject of interest. The problem is the way it all jumps around between the text books, CBT and if you are lucky you can get the attention of one of the instructors at the campus and he/she will tell you to hurry through the subject matter fast and don't worry about trying to pick up everything.

One thing to make sure of before you even start after going through one of the sales people (they call them counselors) is you understand that this company is in the business of selling you your dream of learning your subject of interest as they will tell you what you what to hear.

Should you change your mind after enrollment and after paying in full for another course that cost less, it will be very difficult to get them to honor their policy of a 60 refund. Plus their whole attitude toward you will change and get nasty as they vilify you for changing your mind!

I had a not so good looking cigarette smoking woman who is very repulsive try and use her sexuality, barf!

So be careful when dealing with this company, lucky for me I did use Sallie Mae and they are going to help me retrieve my refund after more than 100 days! This is a step I should not have to go through if this company was honest and interested in you!

Very poorly run company PERIOD!

I attended TechSkills in Cincinnati, Oh. for the Pharmacy Technician Program. I should have known but, I wanted a different career. They told me when I arrived to speak with them some of the same stories they told everyone else ...I have read other complaints online as well ..they said I will get a good education and a great start on a new career.....we have an edge over everyone else, we are and online based training program, flexability (work at your own pace)....BULL PUCKY.!!!!!
I spent a long time working on this course and I also check outside resources and I had 4 weeks left ....I quit I can't take it anymore the facilities Mentors are not interested in helping you they won't even answer your questions. In all my courses all I received was a stack of books and a course guide...In every course I took in the program their were misspelled words, wrong answers ....and whatever you do don't bring up these things to the Mentor you will make enemies quick . They will dance around you worse than ever, and try to make you look bad to make themselves feel better for their lack of motivation . I had to fight to get my programs turned on and everything. I realized also that if I did ask for help they would make comments to you in front of other students and try to make it seem as if you were demanding attention over other students...I also got several e-mails requesting information that they received when I enrolled at the school...and when I returned calls they treated the situation like I was the one requesting help or information, and just dismissed the reason for me calling at all by changing the subject, and pushing me off to my Mentor who blew me off anyway....but the thing that gets me is why should I have to look up on line what I was paying TechSkills to thousands to teach. I spent alot of time online because I found halfway through this course most of their books and material contradict each other, and the information from the Mentor, and their material contradicts professionals in the feild, and on the internet. I will be taking the exam for the PTCB in the next couple of months this gives me a chance to continue to look at more reliable sources and not just TechSkills learned information. I know everyones schooling experience is not the same but I would not recommend this school very unorganized, lack of Mentors intrest in teaching , poor learning material, why would you pay someone when all they do is turn on a program and let you do it all yourself..they sit and wait for you to show up for a test..I hope others don't go through the 19 months of hell I did.

Breach of Contract - Technical and Vocational School

On 1/07/2005, I enrolled at Techskills in Nashville, Tn. to take a medical billing/coding course, total amount was $6995. I decided 17 days later that I did not care or need the type of teaching in which they operated.

I needed a more classroom teaching and less online learning. Under the contract, according to the time frame in which I was enrolled, Techskills is to refund me 75% of the total tuition ($4050), minus $100 administrative fee. The difference amount of $6995 (which is for purchasing their software) and the tuition amount of $4050 is "ate up" immediately upon signing of the conctract and cannot ever be recovered. That amount comes to $2945, but since they already received $5100 from SLM 3 days after signing on with them, the amount they owe me is $1042.50. On 5/13/2005, Techskills sent a refund of $605.08 to SallieMae, but did not send the whole amount and still owe a refund of $437.42. I filed a complaint with the BBB last March, but the $437.42 has yet to be refunded, and it's now been 10 months. Techskills has falsely stated to the BBB that they sent a refund of $2937.50 to SallieMae ( which is not even the right amount) and SallieMae shows no record of receiving any refund of that amount. Techskills also cannot supply a date in which this refund was sent. I just wish that I had researched this school better before I enrolled and am having to pay a little over $4000 back to SLM for the loan. They also are not acredited with the Schools of Higher Education, which is important. Please check out these schools carefully before enrolling, and hopefully you will not have to go through the emotional and financial distress that I have had to endure with Techskills. DO NOT enroll in Techskills, for if you decide to withdraw from them, and you have paid to them any money, they WILL NOT send your refund to you if you're owed any at all.

Techskills is a RIPOFF! Since the BBB cannot recoup my money, I am going to have to seek legal advice and hire an attorney to get back $437.42.

  • Pe
    peter washington Mar 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    please help. techskills took my money and just for no apparent reason they stopped my vendors exam and keep telling me its a corporate issue and they have no more vouchers for me. I was just about to graduate. why? why? are they doing this to me for nothing. i never missede days or fell behind. please help 7043078357

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  • Pe
    peter washington Mar 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Can anyone help with a lawyer?

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Stay away from TechSkills!

Unfortunately, I tried one of their courses that cost $6500, and it was horrible. First off, anything and...

Very poorly run department and course - medical coding

I signed up with TechSkills for their medical coding associate course of study. I knew I was in trouble after...

Breach of Contract

I wanted to touch base with you due to the fact that I believe that I have been taken advantage of greatly by...

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