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TD is very careless in judging its client and employee. I'm so sorry to say it. Because of their small careless action, my life siffered a lot. I came in Canada as an international student, finished study and started to work with TD. I'm socially very active and post some writings on international politics on Facebook. TD didn't like even though it has nothing to do with TD nor anything with Canada. It was a local newspaper of a 3rd world country, the language of the newspaper even not English. On the comment section online, I just posted certain comment with the culture and attitude of that country. There is nothing to do with TD nor Canada nor USA. Just because of that they fired me. I'm even new in Canada and I do not much know here the standards. I came in government scholarship for a bright future. But all TD did is not only fired me but also informed all other financial institutions that I'm a potential threat or terrorist in Canada. After that, I got job offer from Royal Bank, Scotiabank, all of them at the backgorund check step withdrew their offer simply because when they checked with TD, TD informed them all those things about me. I'm totally an innocent person, facebook is just for fun and I made some fun comments there. It made my life extreme difficult. They even reported to government unit and for that intilligence even had met with me several times. before i gave my employment histroy with other places I even checked with TD human resources, they promised me that they do not release any confidential info to anyone; yet they mutually share it. I became mentally and psychologically extreme sick and lost my trust in Canada. And today, I received letter from TD even they cancel my checking account, credit card with them. i would request the TD corporate to be more sincere about judging. Because this inapt action, my life became difficult everywhere. I don't know where is my next employment. I would love TD very much but now there is nothing more than TD that I hate. TD has no right to spoil my life and my future career. At least they should tell me that they will share it with others in that case I wouldn't give TD in my work history. I am being an innocent young graduate was trying to build my life; but TD's careless judgement on people made my life dark. All that I have is, i trust in God and God will judge it.

Feb 26, 2014
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  • Ty
      15th of Jan, 2017

    It's not about judging. You can loose ANY job for posting on FB. If your morals expressed go against the morals the company needs to have their employees perceive... you can get fired. Depending on what you wrote or posted, this information would have gone into a database controlled by the bank of Canada. A background check will reveal this. A background check does no involve checking w previous employers. You are responsible for what you post, anywhere, and anyone can turn you in. This is how so many teachers and principals are losing their jobs right now. Nothing is private and stays on the internet forever.

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