TD Banknorth / put in 2 collection agencies for $5 atm fee (non tdbanknorth)

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Before, dealing with the present problem, one credit agency rerfused to collect anything over a $5 non TD Banknorth ATM, and hiring NCO...guess that makes it look official. What did I do? I simply told them, I was switching banks, as it was clear, they were sucking money out of us for anything. However, prior to this, in about 2007, I tried to close a checking account, as it was Christmas, and they were escalating $35 every 3 days...eating up my whole disability check, and I was a widow with a child, trying to go back to school...they refused to close the account. My money from social security was COMPLETELY taken. Never mind Xmas...I had no rent money. Also, after a huge surgery, this got me evicted. They had the nerve to discharge the account, AND charge me $280 more! I also want my money back, and feel it should be returned. It was legal loansharking. This is also to the ladyalso, who said their fees were awful. I left AFTER I read, that (oh, a NEW rule...people working wouldn't have time to read, $35, if one takes more than $100 inside of the three days of direct deposit. Don't most of us pay our bills around the first of the month? oH, TOO BAD, more money in their pockets, after your checkgbook is off by $35, and they have your charges, they will be sorry, but this is their policy!!!

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      Oct 07, 2009

    Banks are NOT ALLOWED to take Social Security out of your account to pay charges they say you owe. In fact, even if they go to court and get a judgment saying you owe XYZ Co. $100 (or whatever) ONLY money you owe to an agency of the federal government can be taken out of your check. If the only money you had deposited when they cleaned you out (with the possible exception of amounts you deposited in a good-faith effort to bring your balance out of negative) was from your Social Security check, they violated the law. You can probably get it back with a simple small claims case (be sure to insist they reimburse you the court filing fee when you win) but you could also get a lawyer who would probably be happy to pursue damages, pain & suffering, etc. so that you win enough to cover your attorney's expenses. You can also try contacting your representatives in Congress and/or your state legislature to let them know how this bank treated you, as well as your state's Attorney General to see if they'll investigate -- banks are under increased government scrutiny these days -- and maybe also local media, with your poignant story of being a widowed mother doing her best and being abused by the evil bank. What Banknorth did to you is not just shameful, it's literally CRIMINAL.

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