TD Bankworst bank ever

Greter Gomez
1561 NE 118 ST #5
North Miami FL 33161

On 7/24/2018 at 6:00 pm, I noticed an unfamiliar charge on my bank account labeled authorized charge. I contacted TD banks customer service department for an explanation of the charge.
Reaching the call center in South Carolina, speaking to Ashely, who was so unhelpful and misleading in the information she was giving me that I requested to speak to a manager. I did not feel she understood the reason for my call nor did I feel she was reading the system correctly.
At this point she asked me "what part did I not understand'' needless to say I became upset and irritated at the way my call was being handled again requesting to speak to a manager. I was left on hold for over 20 minutes before I hung up.
I called back and spoke to Devon, in the same call center who was just as rude and unhelpful as the last person I spoke to if not worst. I could hear a female in the background laughing and making comments about me before he could place the call on mute. I again requested to speak to a manager at which point he just released my call.
I called a 3rd time speaking to Erica, in the same call center. She was even more rude, condescending, unprofessional and antagonizing. She was mocking me and speaking to me in a fetishes manner. I requested she give me the corporate office information to write them a letter. She refused indicating I had to speak to a manager and they would be the ones to give me that information. I was left on hold until I hung up after 35 minutes on hold. A manger never called me back regarding all the calls I made in just one hour.
I will be canceling my account tomorrow once my direct deposit hits my account and telling all my friends and family about the horrible experience I had with your bank.
I will be making my complaint public in Facebook to let all my followers know of my horrible experience.
I will be placing a complaint on every website possible to make people aware of the horrible and unprofessional manner in which they handle customer call.
In addition I will make sure that ALL my relatives and friends that have TD bank cancel their account taking their business to another bank. Word of mouth will make or break a business I will make sure of this.
This bank is the worst with all the hidden fees and now mislabeling charges enough is enough. I will make my complaint public to make sure this does not happen to anyone I know.

Jul 25, 2018

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