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I made the mistake of choosing a "Simply Free Checking" account. I must have missed the letter in the mail about the change. Since the change that they decided to make I am charged $15.00 per month. According to bank staff it's my fault for not taking time out of my busy day to change to another account. To top it off I was issued $ 140.00 in charges due to an electronic deposit being processed days after it cleared the other account. Avoid this bank. They will make middle class America poor if we are not careful. I'm going through the hassle now of changing to a Credit Union. Do yourself a favor & choose a Credit Union. Please tell your friends also so that we can protect people during this recession.

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  • Di
      26th of Feb, 2012
    TD Bank North - employee uselessness
    New York
    United States

    On the morning of February 17th my debit card was fraudulently charged for over $600 dollars. That same morning we notified your bank and cancelled the debit card. My wife (the business owner) and I even went to a local branch to sign papers and speed up the process. To date your bank has done nothing. We have even given your bank a copy of one of the invoices charged to us and your bank failed to act. I finally had that charge for $192.89 reversed by talking to the company while your bank did nothing. I reported the incident to the FBI and your bank has done nothing. After talking to numerous employees and numerous managers and without action on their part, I can only conclude that your bank does not care for its customers and might even loathe them.

    You see my circumstances are different as I explained over and over again to TD Bank's "do nothing help". And I use the word help very recklessly. I am a heart patient who cannot buy his heart medication because of the hold on the account. We have over $300 in checks that we cannot deposit because it will get swallowed up in overdrafts and negative balances. We cannot cash even one of them because of your business policies. All your "help" knows this and does nothing to free up the account even partially so I can get my medication. So tomorrow we will start the process of finding a new bank that actually has customer service and employs it in their day to day practice. We now know the questions to ask the prospective bank and have as a model what we do not want in a bank... YOU TD BANK.

    Oh, the business my wife runs is a web development company.
    It is amazing that while doing a domain name search that you had bought the name back on October 15, 2017. Apparently you were aware of your capacity as a failure back then. We wish we had known.

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  • Di
      26th of Feb, 2012

    Agree, have had a similar experience with employees.

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