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TD Bank in East Northport NY has so far charged over $570.00 in overdraft charges on transactions of a Debit Card. The Debit card is NOT a Charge Card, and when I complained several times I was unable to see the Bank Manager in person. He was unavailable during the working day and unavailable during working hours. Naturally, he is unavailable at other times. His response to my inquiries, related through an employee named Elizabeth was a curt "NO, we cannot help you" ...left on my answering machine.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Huntington Station, NY
The problem: Dunkin Donuts in East Northport NY had decided on 36 Mar 2010 to put through transactions, debit and otherwise, that for some reason did not get processed since mid-february, even though the transactions were approved by the banks.
The customers were hit with debit withdrawals-one for each transaction. TD Bank immediatey hit me with a $175.00 FEE, and then other substantial feees for over a weeks time to again over $570.00. I was unable to stop the process as the 'YES' Bank was not co-operative at all. I am still unable to have representation in this process and I believe ot is time for the Atty Generals office to get involved.

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  • St
      Jun 26, 2010

    u expect the bank to pay for dunkin donuts error? u should have realized they never took it out, its ur money after all

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  • Jo
      Jul 06, 2010

    I expect the bank to work with me, the consumer-customer, to NOT CHARGE ME for Dunkin Donuts Error.
    The transactions were approved and initally shown on-line as being taken by the bank.
    Yes, You are correct, it is MY Money. The banks have taken the right to charge usurious fees against the consumer/customer without government approval, and without my right to take action against it.
    This is equal to taxation without representation, and I for one, bristol against it.
    We are being robbed by the banks and I will never trust them again, and if you cannot see it, you are either blind, too trusting, or a banker. The world needs to revolt against the banking system and make it more equitable.

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  • Ba
      Nov 01, 2011

    stopurbtchn is obviously a shill for TD bank. Look at her comments, they only apply to TD bank and they are always on TD banks side. TD bank is a crappy bank and only a person that works for TD bank would ever side with them.

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