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someone stole my starter checks and wrote a check and signed someone else's name in the amount of $350 to deposit on April 25th, 2012, as soon as it posted on the 28th of April I went into the branch to report fraud on my account, reported it to the police. The associated was very nice about closing my account and opening a new account right onsite, but now I am being treated like the criminal. I explained that I live check to check to pay my bills and that was part of my rent money, she ensured me they would expedite the investigation to get my money refunded... Long story short it is 8 days later and still nothing.. I was willing to overdraft my account and pay those crazy overdraft fees in order to pay my rent on time, but TD bank only allowed me to overdraft $80.00, in turn I have to pay them $35 overdraft fee and my rental office whatever late fees I will incur waiting on TD bank to refund my money. I had this problem with another financial institute many years ago and they had my money back in my account within 72 hours... Needless to say this account will be closed as soon as I get my money back.. I will blast this company on every social media website.. They reel you in to rob you. I am thinking about suing TD Bank all together. There should be no way a check should be cashed without my signature on the check.

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      4th of Sep, 2012

    I recently had the same problem with TD bank. However someone skimmed my card number and use it to their own gratification. They withdrew four times back to back and this wasn't a red flag to TD Bank. No one in there right mind would go to a ATM withdraw $300.00 and turn around 1 minute later and with draw another $200.00. A few hours later the person does it again at another ATM. The same day we saw the illegal transaction was the same day we reported and filed a police report. This is day 9 since I filed the report and I have called every other day, sent a letter and a email and haven't heard from them. I had this happend with a local bank back in 2005 when someone got a hold of my check book. They refunded my account within 24 hours. I'm done with TD Bank as soon as my money is refunded!

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  • Ch
      8th of Jul, 2014

    I'm having the same problem with TD Bank. Someone stole my starter checks and took all my money. My rent money. In opened two accounts that day one at wells Fargo and one at TD. My Wells Fargo was hit to but they took care of it asap. TD is giving me a problem. Making it seem like I'm the bad guy. TD bank is telling me I owe them $475. Basically the guy living with me took my starter check from wells Fargo and put it into my TD bank. $400. Then the next day got a hold of my TD starter checks and took out the money. He signed my name and everything. Why cant they see that it wasn't me that sigimened the damn check. My name Is Christopher Blah Blah. Not giving my last name. But I never sign Christopher. I only sign Chris Blah JR. I will tell you this look out for a guy named Jevron Garmon Full name is Jevron Gyreek Jessie-Garmon. He is a con artist and ripped me off big time. Google his name this way and see what i got myself into because I trust to easy. Jevron Jessie Garmon.

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  • Kp
      12th of Nov, 2015

    thats pretty funny @chris i know who he is..he did it to m to.

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