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On October 9 (2008) our TCF bank card was used to withdraw funds from an ATM machine at the Courtyard by Marriot hotellocated at 2502 Crossroads Drive in Madison Wisconsin. The withdrawal was for $100. No money was dispensed but a receipt was given that indicated an error D1706 and that $0.00 was dispensed. A second withdrawal was attempted for $80 and was successful immediately after the first. 

The problem was noticed days later indicating a $102.00 withdrawal from the account. The problem was shown to people at a TCF Bank branch and money was credited back to the account late in October. 

The money ($102.00) was withdrawn again on December 4.

On December 5 we received a letter that they had investigated and that 'Our records indicate that the correct funds were dispensed at the time of the withdrawal(s).' They sent a copy of a print out called a V004 Transaction Exception System Visa Representment Request (created on 12/03) that had a highlighted section saying 'acqr cert atm in bal'

Discussions with the Regulation E specialist continued. I expressed my concern that our problem was with money not being dispensed, and not with how TCF transfers funds. Video footage from the machine was requested but were told that there was none. The receipt indicating the $0.00 dispensed was discounted as evidence because there was no date on the receipt and 'we could have gotten that receipt any time.' 

Clearly TCF bank is working with some ATMs that omit information on receipts that would make them valuable in proving errors occurred. TCF's investigation seems to have consisted of them confirming that they withdrew $102.00 from account. Note that the 'service' fee still applies even though no service was received. It was not until December that any effort was made to verify MY side of the story by looking into camera footage or any other information.

I requested copies of 'all documents we relied upon in arriving at this conclusion' as I have the 'right' to according to the December 5 letter. I also requested a journal of our file indicating the people who we spoke with and to from TCF regarding this. I was told this may be unavailable and have not received it. I asked why we would make two transactions back to back within minutes and was told that 'people do this all the time' although we never have prior to this. 

I have received a copy of the error receipt that had been faxed from a local branch, the Transaction Exception System print out, some kind xerox of a page print out showing our account number and the withdrawal amounts with everything else on the page blacked out with a marker with no explanation of what it was. 

The Regulation E Specialist (Debbie who could not give me her last name) says the matter is closed. Despite the fact that TCF Bank has a copy of the receipt showing $0.00 dispensed. A receipt of a transaction not occurring properly is not sufficient evidence to show an error on the part of the TCF Bank or ATM.

Apparently it is my fault that the ATM network that TCF Bank uses does not require ATMs to include information on error receipts such as dates or times. This conveniently proves useful in any kind of investigation of error. I have not been able to find out what ERROR = D1706 means. I have not received any information on the owner of the ATM machine to date, or its make and or model. This prevents me from finding reports of problems with these machines, seeing if they do or do not have cameras and or video records of any kind, or of contacting the owner of the ATM and filing an additional complaint.

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  • Cz
      Aug 24, 2010

    How sad is it, when the best bank I had EVER delt with, was in fact in CANADA. Royal Bank of Canada or (RBC) had everything posted IMMEDIANTLY when it hit my account. Checks, debits, bills, mortgage payments. If I touched it, it would out, posted and processed the second I did it. There was no delays, no waiting periods, no next business day b.s. And as for direct deposits - if it was sent - IT WAS THERE...

    When I moved back home to the states, I figured open an account... I seen the "$50 free checking" signs posted and when I signed up for the account, I SPECIFICALLY asked questions pertaining to the information I posted in the above paragraph. They kept saying "yes yes yes". When in reality it was "no no no." I dropped them like a bad habit when "gas station" fund holds started.. but before that I had direct deposit. On friday at 12am it was in the account. I did my normal friday and saturday shopping and come to find out that Monday would roll around and I was hit with 300+ NSF. I had NEVER had that happen to me in my life and it won't happen again. I tried to close the account after everything was paid and they said "Oh we're still waiting on one gas station charge to come in" HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! When I was younger, I worked for a gas station. They processed and posted those accounts EVERY MORNING! SO IT'S NOT THEM WAITING AROUND ON THEIR [censor] TO DO IT. TRUST ME, THEY WANT THEIR MONEY JUST AS MUCH. But TCF makes their money if the account is messed up a bit and will continue to attempt to make you feel like its YOUR fault. I don't think so... So since they wouldn't close the account.. and stole over 300 from me easily in two weeks - I let it sit... OH then they called saying "How come you haven't used your account - I noticed that its in NSF for $16" Well... I could have went and paid the petty $16 but now its about proving a point. I don't need extra "credit" and I don't care so they can shove it up their [censor]..

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