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Tata Indicom / Teleservices / 100% call drop (20 seconds to 2 minutes max) rate for months

1 India
Contact information:

Kind attn: suroor hussain,

Attached is a copy of my email to various tata indicom departments.

When we opted for tata indicom as soon as it was launched in 2004 as our service providers, we were doing what is our first choice (Or at that time use to be our first choice) by default. If tata's are provideing a product or services, than its tata's for us.

Consequently i switched from hutch to tata as my mobile phone service provider, landline to tata walky, my camp phones to tata walky, my car is tata indica, my cable service provider is tata etc.

We had a very tough time with extremely third grade services in 2004 and 2005 which smoothen till what i am sure is overselling your limited bandwidth to all and sundry resulting in extremely poor network coverage. For instance, i have made calls from 14000 feet in sikkim or the phone use to work at kolad, my campsite (Now it does not) and yes, even mumbai. Now when i get 5 bars on vodaphone, airtel, bpl and trump; all my calls in ghatkopar west and throughout mumbai has 100% drop rate.

Would you be frustrated when you receive a call on your direct landline which all your customers have and it drops in from 20 seconds to if you are lucky maybe 2 minutes! But drop it will. So you receive a call and than have to call back the client from mtnl landline, say sorry my tata line does not work and go. This mr. Hussain has been happening since past 6 months but become highly efficient and guaranteed from about january this year. And you have the temerity to send me a bill when i have actually incurred losses in making 100s of call from mtnl when all my incoming (For which i dont have to pay) dropped.

Your extremely poorly trained team of technical support supported by a pack of liars response was to repeatedly change my phone (Thrice) but the problem has worsened. Now the so called new battery in the phone also does not work (While my earlier one did).

Effectively i had 1 problem before and now i have 2! And you have the courage to call this customer service! And send bills for not only deficient services but loss making services for a client! That has been with you since past 5 years with a great arpu?!

I would want to know from you or the ceo, not only how do you propose to correct your incredibly poor services but why did this happen at all?

I need not remind you that you are not a monopoly in telecom services and i am spoilt for choice. Even autocratic mtnl has become customer friendly while tata indicom seems to be doing only lip services.

I need not remind you that a bad service on your part will very very adversely effect my (And lot of people that know) selection for all tata products and services.

I need not remind you the damage that word of mouth supported by a superbly maintained and recorded blog service that records my experience with you can cause tata indicom.

Warm regards,

Ravi goel

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