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TATA Indicom / Ridiculous behavior of tata indicom service people!

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This is tata indicom customer, staying at bangalore (contact no:[protected]) as per the details we took the connection on 27th oct of this year. At the initial the internet connection was good but on due course it showed lots of problems in connecting. I called tata indicom service people , gave a complaint, they came one day afternoon and checked it. On the same day at night the same problem i faced.But no body gave response to my complaint, and by seeing my number they stopped picking up the phone. This is not the way to behave with the customers.I got fed up off trying to those people and this is the final way to give a complaint i thought. If this message is seen by any responsible and sincere persons please take it seriously and treat a customer as it is. Otherwise please let me know and obey your irresponsibility as it is and kindly help me in disconnecting this connection. Then i will go for a better option.

Thank you.

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  • Um
      7th of Dec, 2006
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    I have paid rs. 4500 for a new broadband connection for 4 months in advance.
    And the net is not working after 25 days from the day they gave the connection.
    Its been 20 days as of now my net is not working and no progress from their side.
    Every day i call them to know the status they say that they will get it resolved within 24 hrs. And i used to get a call for every time i make a complaint asking whether net is working. As soon as i say its not working till now - they will close the complaint saying that problem resolved.
    Most ### company in India.....looting all the customers.
    I don't know really what to do.
    If this was in some other country like usa or uk, we cud have a filed a case against them to get our value for the money that we spent.
    How can they take my rs 4.5 k and end up in giving no internet connectivity?
    Can anybody help how to get my money back....?
    I had just used the connection for 25 days and that too very few hrs and paid 4500 rupees.
    U can read more complaints about this at

  • De
      4th of Feb, 2007
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    I am Debadas from Noida, i have taken the internet connection from Tataindicom,through walky. The Data cable supplied with the connection is not working properly. When i contacted to the higher authority, those people told me that the data cable supplied all are damaged. So as a customer what i will think, how the people are selling damaged data cable to the customer, when they know all are damaged?

  • Un
      17th of May, 2007
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    I have applied for a TATA indicom walky connection at Bangalore. They took money and other document from me on same day and told me that I will be getting the connection in three days. I didn't get any response from these guys for first 5 days. Then I started calling those guys at their office at Koramangala. Initially they started picking the phone and telling me that they will call back me in 10 minutes 15 minutes etc... but no response!!! So whenever I call them through my cell phone, they starting disconnecting the phone. I tried to call these guys through other land line, then they are picking, but when they realize that I am calling, they are disconnecting the phone. So finally I got the connection on 10th day. I bought a data cable from their true value shop and tried to connect the internet. But the data cable supplied was damaged... How can these guys can expect that people will come to them if it is the experience with ppl... VERY POOR CUSTOMER CARE...

  • Rn
      13th of Sep, 2007
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    Dear Sir,

    I am a Professor working in selffinancing Engg. College, Namakkal, Tamil Nadu.

    My Problem, they before yesterday, i purchased one recharge Card i.e. Special Tariff card value of Rs.356.90 . While scratching by mistake i didn't able read the 14-digit PIN number it is damaged. I asked the local sales person andalso dealer no response from them. and also they used very unusal words which is very much wounded towards the TATA Indicom service.

    Kindly, do me a favour that my Card SR. No. is 20000 00555 74642 . Kindly inform me through a mail the original 14-digit PIN number. This will enable me to recharge my Cell Phone Account. My TataIndicom service is 2 years Incoming service. For the last 2 years I am using TataIndicom only. This is first time i am facing this problem. Kindly rectify it by giving a orginal 14 - digit PIN number.

    Hope, i will a response by Tomorrow itself. My Cell no. 92451 87602

    Thanking You

    with warm reagrds,
    Asst. Prof ., & Head
    AMS Engg. College

  • Sa
      15th of Nov, 2007
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    Hi Team,

    I have purchase one Tata prepaid connection from Tata Indicom on approx 3rd or 4th November, 2007. It was working previously but now its not working. Even I am not able to receive any call from any number. Can you look in to this matter as I am facing lots of problem.

    I am in Bangalore from Lal Bagh & Tavarekare

    My Number is : 09241241620

    Thanks & Regards

    Sapan Saxena
    Assistant Manager IT & Network
    Mob: 09810808835
    Tata: 09241241620

  • As
      14th of Jul, 2008
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    I agree with you, I am ashwin cell no. 94480 86327. I have a broad band connection from tata indicom which is a wirless/wimax one.

    I am very much shocked to hear how a company like TATA cheat people and make money. I thought TATA is a great company to get services but I now realize that they give false promises that my connection is 384 KBPS and the connection gets disconnected quite often and it does not work at 384 KBPS but it only shows something like 250 KBPS instead of 384.

    I can now openly say that even TATA company is just like any other ordinary company without any standards or ethics. When it comes to grabbing money from the customer, all the companies are the same. No doubt, I now can say that the Myth of TATA company being a honest company is totally false and the customer care executives are so much helpless that they say that they cant do anything, Infact I was told by a TATA BROAD BAND customer care executive, that their connections are not good and asked me to switch to a Airtel or a BSNL.. This was the most shocking experience to me. Now I can understand, our so called corporates are as corrupt as any Politican. I have learnt a great lesson.

  • Ar
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    Heloo to every one, me have to say one thing to every one, first analysis ur problem . where u have the actuall problem, then try to encloses some proof, talk with proofs . and asked for ur complaint number . first complaint to the customer care after the given time u can to nodal officer, and in which circle u r talked with headoffice personally, if they also not resloved ur problem then go to consumer court, do not say discontinue ur service beacuse if such type of problem again u face in that compnay then u will go for next option, every where u will got problem so try to resolve the problem with same compnay it will be contribute for other also and second thing, in this era there is a lot of communication technology is available so by that media u can also raise ur voice, dears u kow that problem created by ur local pple, the higher authority of tconcerned compnay do not knw what is actually going on with customer, and now i request to telecom companies they have print the all thing in manauls what they offer and what will be the actuall speed of internet and what will be the call rate and what so ever they will do, this thing avoids the misundersting of any thing from the customer side or from the comppany side, because customer care pple are not much responsible for any thing they are on the very lower level pple, they only come for do their job till what so ever hours they have spend over their, , , , , , , , , and get money and that solve and they also did not provide any feedback to the concerened officer, one thing here more important whether u purchase any service aur goods kindly asked for bill with tin number of diealer, kindly visit authorized dealer, they will charge MRP . but will save ur from duplicate things and frauds, thanks u every one, kindly respond to me on my email ...Indian customer

  • Ra
      6th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    Hi Malathi,
    I totally agree with you. These Bunch of Idiots, who are heading the Tata Indicom are spoiling the Great Legend Mr.Ratan TaTa's Reputation. They must be ashamed for they are living the luxury life at the cost of People 's Hard earned Money and their misery. I know exactly what you are going through...i am also from bangalore. I am waiting for people to come and take back the instrument...

  • An
      7th of Sep, 2008
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    as i had been using the numer 01206483202 for past one year and i had tmade the bills in corret time as i had payed them more than the bill whioch they gave me but recentely we were out of station for for past two ad half months and sudenly i got a call from a cop from delhi that ur wife has to be arrested due to making a froud do u think that i am going to make the fraud which i had done the payment in advanve to the company is this the right that they had made the last call tom me when i had to be in court dint thy have time to call me all this days and had called me on last day this is rite so i hate this stupid pupiles who had given the connection to me as i am going to consimer court againt them for torturing me and my wife this service is a bullist to me what they given

  • Sw
      18th of Sep, 2008
    0 Votes

    I Want my tata indicom walky no.022-65536930 duplicate bill as on 07/08/08 to 06/09/08
    plz its ungent

  • Bh
      9th of Mar, 2010
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    I am using tata indicom broadband internet service, i had send them mail requesting for change of tariff on 22nd feb 2010. I have received the revert mail from them saying, my request is open and my plan will be changed within 24 hours.But nothing happen and every time i call in customer care they all are having the same answers ( Your request is open and it will be changed within 24 hours).This ### is going around for 2 weeks and still no solutions. I tried contacting their higher authority but no response from there.I have been spending around Rs.500 in calling them and spending my time.Is there any way i can get my compensation for getting unnecessary harassment from this tata indicom people.Pls give me the contact of person to whom i can complain and get the work for sure.

    Bhavin Tandel (Mumbai)

  • Sa
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    TATA Indicom - Internat Data Card - Cheating in Billing

    Dear Sir,

    I am a tata indicom data card customer since Sep-o7. My data card No. is 9214447218. At the time of purchase of this card I have been told that the charges per month is Rs.325/- and I will get a free time of 1800 minutes per month. I have got my first bill for Rs. 383 just for 5 days and second bill is 4200 rs. I am unable to understand why there is a huge billing amount where I have used the card hardly for 40hrs. in a month.

    This is a mere cheating of customer. You are requested to do the needful at the earliest.


    Sanjay Kumar

  • Ka
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    Tata Indicom is worst company in the world i have activated 1.5 GB plan and i use 1.7GB so according to bill it should b 1100 rs but it came 2600 they said 1700 * 2 = 3400 and - 900 of 1500 mb usage i m fesd up of it i have decided to sell it.

    Pls help me if you can.

  • Dr
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Number one cheaters and fraud company. Beware of subscribing any connection to this FRAUD company

  • Dr
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I am also facing the same problem 1st bill of Rs 209 and 2nd bill of Rs.2280/-. Inspite of using only for 45 hours, the bill is Rs 2280. Now they say that free 1800 is not minutes but units. If thats the case they should have mentioned it in the application form clearly.
    They are total Cheats , and a case for fraud should be filed against them in the consumer court

  • Ra
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Hi bangalore peoples TATA Indicom executives Mr.surya and damodhar was cheating persons in bangalore. very careful to these guys

  • Ra
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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