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over charge

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chicago wilson yard
Chicago, Illinois
United States
Phone: 773596-2376
Me and my mother stopped by our neighborhood target at Chicago Wilson Yard on 02-19-2011 looking for few things for her and me .She was looking for a humidifier, we were on the upper floor when I asked one of the employees for help to direct us to some humidifiers we were told they were out but she did dbl check with another female employee who said they were out as well, the back wall display is all out she said.I thank her and we moved on few steps later we came accross a display with humidifiers we grabbed one to a cart and moved on.We came accross the second female again in the store when I had approached her and informed her we had found the humidifiers she looked very suprised to hear that she asked where I tried to tell her where we seen it but I decided to take her to it so she can see it and maybe remember for the next customer that might be looking for a humidifier like us.When I pointed the items to her she again looked suprised and now said that someone must of just put them out there.I had to walk away from her I wanted to tell her that when we passed her the first time about 10 steps later we ran into them but I didnt I knew by then I was already talking on death ears.Then in a check out line half way to the check out we were asked how are we paying once we said using our credit card we were told to go ahead to scan our credit card through the credit card machine, we were not even ranged up completely to have the total showing but already we are told to slide our card.We get home I try on the items I bought and I look at the receipt to see that we were ranged up for kraft mac&cheese double, then the bras I bought were ranged up all at the same price when 3 tags are showing 3 different prices.I decided to call the store to report this and to find out what i need to do next to get this adjusted and get my money back.I was transfered to guest center where I spoke to a young female named Shanel I informed her how I was ranged up incorrectly and what I need to do she suggested I come back tomorrow with my items and receipt to get this adjusted, I asked which manager would be on duty tomorrow so I know who do I need to speak to she said she didn't know since theres about 5-6 different managers all I asked was who is on duty tomorrow again she said she didnt know i asked who is on duty today she said Eric, I asked to speak to Eric as she lay the phone down I heard her telling another female employee that I dont understand what she is trying to tell me and that I want to speak to a manger.This is when a Stephanie got on the phone and asked what can she do for me I advised her I was on hold for Eric she inforemd me Eric was occupied and she can help me I informed her that I speak english very well and that next time when her other worker wants to speak about a customer she might want to put the phone on mute so the customer will not hear her speaking of them especially when she is talking negative I guess someone is lacking common sense and customer service experiance I wonder how did she get into the position of guest deskclerk . I figured this would concentrate on nothing but customer service but maybe not .I asked her to provide me with a name of the store manager .She wasnt able to provide that to me I asked her for the corporate phone number and a name of a distric manager she gave me the phone number to corporate as 1-800-440-0680 and said Jeff is a distric manager I asked her for his last name she said she did not know by this time I was already getting very tired of not getting any answers to my simple questions and I asked her how can you not know your district managers name she then went ahead and asked me a question that just blew my mind she asked me if I worked for Target I answered her very quickly no then she said then you wouldnt understand .This was the end for me I told her I have the corporate number and I will be contacting them very soon to get some help.So there it goes OUR story of BAD shopping experiance BAD customer service and how TARGET employees were in a rush to say no we don't have and VERY QUICK to charge and overcharge us.
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N  20th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
It doesn't seem like anything bad really happened. A lot of lower level employees don't know the names of their district managers.
N  20th of Feb, 2011 by    0 Votes
Let me see if I have this figured out. First, your complaint is that you asked an employee where the humidifiers were, she stated they would be in one location, but it turns out there were in a display location. Basically, your issues is that the employee did not know where something was. Okay. Please understand that large stores, like Target, have people that work in specific departments. Usually only the managers are required to know all the departments. My guess is you saw her walking by, asked her about a product in a department she does not work in, she knew from memory where the humidifiers are usually kept, but they ended up being moved to a display area. You can't blame the employee if they do not work in that department that they did not know about a new display area.

Second, your issue is that the cashier told you to swipe ahead of time. If you felt uncomfortable doing so, then don't. Because I know Target's credit card machines move super quick, I alway make sure the total comes up right before putting in my card. That is your right to do so. And please don't give me some lame excuse like "I felt pressured."

Third, you called and asked what manager would be on duty tomorrow. The clerk told you two times she did not know. For all you know, they don't have schedules in front of them. If the clerk you first spoke to was off the next day, why would she know this information. You also have no idea what it would take to get the information. This could have required that she walk to the otherside of the store, which she may not be allowed to leave the customer service counter.

Finally, your issue is that the second girl you spoke to did not know the last name of the district manager. Why is this so hard to believe? I worked in four retail stores over the years, and I had no idea the first names of the three of the four places' district managers. The fourth one I know her first name, but no idea her last name. Besides, even if I did know, I would never, ever tell a customer unless I had permission to do so.

Basically, your only valid complaint is that the cashier rang up your items wrong, which needs to be correct, and I hope it does get corrected. All the rest of your complaints are fluff, BS issues. I'm going to guess you either have never worked in retail, or you have never worked in a retail store with seperate departments. Years ago I worked in Circuit City in the computer sales department. If you had come in and asked me about a cell phone or a TV, I would have had no clue and recommended speaking to someone that works those departments. Besides my department's manager, I never knew what general store managers would be working on a given day, nor did I know the first name (let alone the last name) of our district manager.

Like I said, I hope you get your refund back for the fact that the cashier rang out your stuff wrong, but the rest of this is fluff and you need to get over it.

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