Target Brands / red cards

Atlanta, GA, United States
Contact information:

Valued Customer

Given new card(s); one never used (debit card) used erroneously due to chip cards being mailed (appearance exactly the same)
Meant to use credit card (overpaid credit card to reconcile expenditure)
Spoke to customer service when bill received and bank fees/charges appeared
Customer service understood & agreed to waive all charges
Waived one of two
Contacted customer service again; Refused to waive
Bill in collections now
Interested in paying debt, albeit not $30 service fee
Great customer standing devoid of this interaction
Extremely dissatisfied customer
Account is worth more than $30 difference of opinion
Account in collections; Issue since 11 and 12 Sep 2011
Please advise posthaste @ [protected]
Have discontinued/destroyed debit card
Prepared to dissolve relationship with Target entirely if matter cannot be resolved favorably.
Requesting escalation and only written correspondence point forward.
Next Steps:
Better Business Bureau
Consumer Affairs

May 2, 2017

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