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Fresno, CA, United States
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Just right now, I ate out at my local Taco Bell (Fresno Ca on Willow and Nees) and was not satisfied with my meal or the length I had to wait in order to receive it. At 6:15, I arrived to my local Taco Bell and ordered for my family: 3 Big Box Meals, 1 Crunchwrap Supreme, and 2 Mini Quesadillas. As I pulled up to the window, I paid and was about to receive my food, until the lady at the window told me my order was incorrect in the bag and pulled my food back. 5 minutes passed and she came back again with another bag (which did not contain the correct order), so the lady pulled it back to the kitchen again. For the next 20 minutes, I played a game of back and forth with the lady at the window a total of 5 times, until finally the workers in the back correctly put together my seemingly simple order. The lady at the window apologized and wished me a nice night; however, when I arrived home and my family dug into their meals, the food was the worst my family and I have ever experienced from any Taco Bell, my son's Crunchwrap barely had any ground beef, and was very cold (due to the abundance of sour cream and tomatoes instead of thoroughly cooked meat). Similarly, my gordita was so lacking in condiments that it was basically a taco. I hate to do this, but I feel like I can never go back to that Taco Bell due to the complete disaster of an experience I had. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Oct 17, 2017

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