T-Mobile / I am so sick of pop up adds

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I am so sick of pop up adds. But just when I thought i’v seen it all. But t mobil takes the cake. I was checkin my email and a friend sent me a message, but I can’t ancer it becouse when I click io read box. T mobil’s pop up add covers all most my hole page, and I can’t read my messages. That’s not right. Something has to be dun with all of these pop up adds. I don’t even use t mobil. All of these businesses need to stay out of peoples privet lifes. If people wont to do business with them we know how and were to find them. They need to pass a law and do away with pop up adds.

Or better yet make wone web were you can go to and scroll downand click on to. And what ever pop up add that you are looking for will pop up. That would take care of the pop up crap. Thank you. Jim l. I had an fraud account with this company. They told me the account was closed out and I would get a letter in the mail in 3 business days. I have yet to get the letter and when I called them they had no idea of the letter. So 3 weeks later I get a call from a collection agency saying that I owed them 380 dollars. I never even opened the account with tmobile and theyre trying to charge me for them releasing account on my name.

Not hardly getting a lawyer and were fixing to see how this case goes. I will not and am not going to let up even if they try and back out of the charge its not happenening theyre going down this time because its #.

I have t-moble for about 9months or less now! And I am paying for a 4g network that never work. I called and ask them to change my service, there respons was (1) I am on a contract and cant change it with out paying $299 (2) I use alot of my internet. I have no service 80% of the time, I change my phone three time. Now I have to get a different phone service. So now I am paying two phone bills I cant afford. I start taking pictures of my tmobile phone to show I am not on the internet alot as they assume..

Every time I try going on the internet it goes into search mode or no service. Or if I send s oneone a text they they get it two days later or when someone send me a text 10% of the time zi dont get it intil the day after.

I had an upgrade approximately 4 weeks ago from you. Which was a blackberry 99100. All the accessories were missing from the box. And when I called to complain. I was told they would submit the claim and send it out to me. Since then I have received nothing. Now the phone has stopped working. I spoke to someone at your offices and they want me to take it to your t mobile shop for repairs. Why is this? The phone is faulty and up to you to send a courier out with a new phone and accessories. I have taken advice from trading standards. And I was told to email you with the complaint.


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